Ambev opens online applications for internship and trainee programs

This Tuesday (31), Ambev opened enrollment for its Internship, Trainee and Representa 2022 programs. There are more than 300 vacancies for company units throughout Brazil, in the Supply, Tech and Logistics areas. The processes, which will be 100% online, do not require an English test or limit the candidate by course or college, interested parties have until September 14 to register on this link.

According to Nathalya Crisanti, attraction manager at Ambev, the programs are aimed at diverse, daring talents, helping the current generation to be “beyond the labels”. The vacancies are for people of all ages who want to develop in the areas of finance, technology, business and logistics.

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Discover the programs

The Trainee Ambev program takes place twice a year, once a semester, with a focus on recent graduates seeking training in areas of expertise. For the first time, exclusive openings for Logistics were added, adding to the already traditional Business, Supply and Tech areas.

The internship program is aimed at students in their penultimate year of graduation, who can take on challenges at Ambev when they have completed their courses. The process — in both the Internship and Trainee programs — occurs “blindly” so that talents are not evaluated by age, gender, course or college.

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Furthermore, the traditional logic tests were replaced by innovative and interactive games, making the program 100% digital. This one includes a freer step in which a video will be sent, allowing the candidate to choose whether or not to appear.

To help achieve its goal of becoming a more diverse company, the Internship Represents program was announced, exclusively for black and black students. Aiming to open paths and create ways for everyone in the company to have the same opportunities, Ambev started to offer English scholarships for candidates and various benefits, such as mentoring, psychological support, financial and legal guidance, among others.