Analysis: Joe Biden’s speech drops solidarity with the Afghan people | World

One word was missing from President Joe Biden’s speech to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan.

For nearly half an hour, Biden did not utter a word of solidarity with the Afghan people.

And I’m not talking about soldiers, translators, people who have worked with the troops these 20 years.

I’m talking about an entire generation, which was born in the 2000s, along with the arrival of the troops, grew up with the Western presence and believed that those troops were also fighting to guarantee freedoms that the Taliban did not allow.

Girls, who are now 20 years old, and believed in the promise that Afghanistan was being shaped on democratic concepts.

Who went to school, opened companies, and some even became digital influencers, such as Najma Sadeqi, a 20-year-old youtuber who died trying to leave the country.

Because of these freedoms, many more are being pursued by the Taliban.

Afghan women wear a burqa while shopping at a fair in Kabul on 28 August — Photo: Aamir Qureshi/AFP

And President Joe Biden has not brought a word of sympathy for these deaths and these persecutions.

Furthermore, everything that evolved in Afghanistan depended on money coming from abroad. Without international investment there is no school, no education and no infrastructure.

Confidential documents obtained by the newspaper “Washington Post” present accounts of people who defended the intervention and now think that it would have been better if the Americans had never occupied the country.

The problem was not how the US got out of Afghanistan. The problem was the occupation.

This Biden admits, but always from the perspective of America first and the costs for Americans. No solidarity with Afghanistan.

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