Andressa Urach talks about choosing her son’s name: ‘Wanted Bolsonaro’

Andressa Urach, 33, revealed in a video posted on her YouTube channel the name of the baby she is expecting with her husband, Thiago Lopes. However, what caught the most attention was what the model would have liked to call him: Bolsonaro.

It would be a tribute to President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). The organizer of Miss Butt and Mister Butt said that the baby will only be named like that at the request of her eldest son, Arthur. The young man asked his little brother to be named León.

“I wanted Leão, lion of the jungle, but Thiago wouldn’t let me,” said the model in the video. “[León] It means brave as a lion, so he almost became a little lion.”


Urach also revealed that she and her husband are “professed scholarship holders” and commented on a phrase by her husband that sparked controversy. When announcing the sex of the baby, a boy, Lopes stated that he had not given a “weak” in reference to a phrase said by the president.

“We are open pocketnerists,” he said. “Thiago made a joke and, in the end, wow, some people didn’t understand. Result of the story, talking about the baby’s name, since we’ve reached this point, I wanted it to be called Bolsonaro.”

In 2017, Bolsonaro said that he had “weakened” when he had his only daughter, Laura, the result of his marriage to Michelle Bolsonaro. The other four children, all male, would not be the result of “weakening”.
Lopes stated that people “confused failure with failure”. “I didn’t call anyone a loser, I didn’t say that females are a loser,” he explained. “Weakened was in another sense.”