Anitta reveals biggest obstacle in the international career

Anitta has been following her international career for the past five years. Despite all the glamor of having hits in other languages ​​and recording feats with international artists, the singer assumed that there is a risk of losing what was achieved in Brazil.

“The biggest obstacle is giving up what you already have in Brazil. To come here [Estados Unidos], I miss earning a lot. You risk everything you’ve built. If I fail, they’ll say ‘you didn’t make it and you risked everything’. (…) It takes a lot of courage,” he said in an interview with entrepreneur Maris Raffa on Youtube.

The 28-year-old artist commented that she didn’t deal with prejudice on the part of Americans, but felt unaware of it. “In the beginning, about 6-7 years ago, it was difficult for people not to know what Brazil was, to think that it was all an endless forest,” he recalled.

She also revealed that the choice to live in Miami was motivated by the large Brazilian community present there and for being the “perfect market”.

I didn’t know Miami was booming, I found out after I moved. I chose Miami because it has a huge community of Brazilians, so I don’t lose my sense of Brazil. When I want to have the feeling of Brazil, I go around the corner and there’s a Brazilian restaurant. For me, it’s the most Brazilian city in the United States. There’s also a huge Latino community, so being here, you also have a presence in the Spanish market and you also have the American market, so for me it’s the perfect market.