Araçatuba: cyclist who had his feet amputated in an attack on banks did not see a bomb: ‘It just passed close by and it exploded’, says brother | São José do Rio Preto and Araçatuba

According to Santa Casa, 25-year-old Clayton Soares Teixeira was rescued and sent to the unit after the explosion. He had injuries to his hands and underwent surgery to correct the areas affected by the amputation of his feet.

A resident of Araçatuba was hit by an explosive left for criminals who attacked banks in the city — Photo: Personal Archive

“He said that he normally passed on the public road, saw a flash and was soon on the ground, wanting to get up. He looked at his legs and hands, got desperate and told them to call my sister, told them not to let him die”, says Kleber Alberes Soares Teixeira, the victim’s brother.

Resident is injured after being hit by explosive left by bandits in Araçatuba

Resident is injured after being hit by explosive left by bandits in Araçatuba

A video circulating on social media shows Clayton injured after the explosion (look above). He reported to Kleber that he immediately didn’t understand what happened and thought he had just broken his legs.

The family was traumatized and shaken by the situation, but they believe that this is a new life for him, as he is recovering from his injuries in the hospital.

Bomb abandoned by criminals who attacked banks in Araçatuba — Photo: Gate PM SP/Divulgação

“At all times he is in despair, thinking that he is not going to walk, work, that he cannot help his mother. He has to raise his hand to heaven, because God has given a new start to life. Many lost their lives in this tragedy.”

The situation made the young man get a wheelchair and moved residents of Araçatuba, who raise funds to help him.

Clayton was one of five injured in the attack that also left three dead in the city. Until the morning of Thursday (2), five suspects were arrested.

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

At least 20 criminals participated in the action. They arrived in the central region of Araçatuba around midnight on Monday (30), used residents as a human shield and spread explosives.

Criminals made ‘human shield’ with residents of Araçatuba (SP) — Photo: Personal archive

Vehicles were burned in various parts of the city and region to prevent the arrival of the police. Drones were also used by the gang to monitor the action.

Security camera videos show residents on top of cars as the gang flees at high speed. One of the victims placed on one of the vehicles did not want to be identified, but reported moments of terror and insecurity.

Hostages were placed on top of cars during an attack on banks in Araçatuba, SP

Hostages were placed on top of cars during an attack on banks in Araçatuba, SP

According to the Military Police, explosives were found in the streets, in banks, in abandoned cars and in a truck left near bank branches.

After more than 30 hours of work, teams from the Special Tactical Actions Group (Gate) disarmed and detonated all 97 artifacts in a sanitary landfill in the Água Branca neighborhood. A video shows the explosives being detonated (see below).

Gate destroys explosives spread by gang in Araçatuba

Gate destroys explosives spread by gang in Araçatuba

With the removal of bombs, streets and avenues were cleared on Tuesday (31). Some merchants took the opportunity to reopen the doors. Classes in municipal and state schools were resumed this Wednesday (1st).

According to the Municipality of Araçatuba, vaccination against Covid-19 will also be done again at the Multi Shop, as well as the circulation of public transport in the central region of the city.

Araçatuba: robbers attack 3 bank branches and spread explosives in the city — Photo: Arte G1

Two bank branches were robbed. In one of them, which functions as a regional treasury, criminals had access to the underground vault. In the other, the gang attacked the ATMs. The third agency was just damaged. The amount taken was not disclosed.

After attacking bank branches and exchanging fire with the Military Police, the gang fled towards the Engenheiro Taveira neighborhood, where they also stole vehicles from residents.

Civil, military and federal police are still searching for members of the gang. Vehicles used during the crime were located and seized.

Cars used by criminals during mega-robbery are found abandoned in the woods

Cars used by criminals during mega-robbery are found abandoned in the woods

According to the Military Police, a vehicle with passenger glass adapted for shots to be fired was found.

“The vehicle is large. Possibly, they left a .50 caliber, which is a weapon of war, attached to a tripod. The hole serves to put the gun barrel to the outside. The bandits can shoot from inside the They are protected because the vehicle is armored,” says captain Alexandre Tropaldi.

An abandoned bus with gasoline drums was also found near the Glicério (SP) tollbooth. The suspicion is that the fuel was used by criminals to set fire to vehicles on the Marechal Rondon Highway.

Bandits made a hole in the glass to place a rifle in Araçatuba — Photo: Personal archive

Until 21:00 on Wednesday (1st), five people suspected of participating in the crime had been arrested. In Araçatuba, a couple was taken to the Federal Police station, where they remain at the disposal of the Court. The man and woman are suspected of acting as lookouts during the gang’s action.

In Campinas (SP), a man was arrested by police from the Specialized Criminal Investigations Division (DEIC). Then forwarded to the headquarters of the Federal Police of Araçatuba.

In Piracicaba (SP), two men with gunshot wounds and considered suspects are hospitalized at Santa Casa. One of them was hit in the abdomen and is unconscious. The other was shot in the left arm and is conscious.

According to information verified by TV HAVE, three suspects had their arrest in the act converted to preventive.

Photo shows suspect of participating in the mega-robbery with an injured left arm — Photo: Personal Archive

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