Arthur Lira to The Antagonist: “Senate succumbed to CNI and Sistema S lobby”

Photo: Disclosure

In an exclusive interview with the antagonist, Arthur Lira reiterated criticism of the Senate, which yesterday rejected the mini-labor reform and buried the three programs proposed by the government to generate 3 million jobs. “The senators knelt, succumbed to the lobby of the CNI and Sistema S”, he said.

In addition to the professional qualification regime linked to a grant of R$ 550 (Requip), the MP included the National Voluntary Social Service Provision Program, which allowed city halls to hire temporary services — with no provision for vacations, 13th or FGTS. There was also the First Opportunity and Reintegration into Employment Program (Priore), the only one with an employment relationship, with guaranteed labor rights and a discount on the payment of the FGTS.

“Congratulations to the Senate that prevented the creation of job opportunities for 3 million young people”, joked Lira. He reiterated that the Senate had failed to comply with the agreement with the government’s leader, Fernando Bezerra.

“The senator called me asking us to remove the issues related to the CLT and I agreed that this should be done on the spot, but not to accuse us of placing tortoises. We were ready to endorse the text that came from there, but they broke the agreement.”

Lira also confirmed the vote on the Electoral Code, but did not want to anticipate whether there will be an agreement to institute the quarantine of judges, prosecutors and police for after 2022. The issue will now be debated at a meeting of leaders.

early now, in an exclusive interview with O Antagonista, deputy Margarete Coelho (PP-PI), rapporteur of the text, said that her report “is still open”.

I can’t nail anything. We are right in the middle of the debate, a big debate. For my part, the text is still open, on the table. And I have no passion for him, neither to one side nor to the other.”

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