At 26, Isabella Santoni reveals a diagnosis of gynecological disease and web alert: “I thought it was normal”

Actress said she discovered the pathology in March of this year and still doesn’t know the seriousness of her case; Look

In March of this year, Isabella Santoni was diagnosed with endometriosis — a gynecological disease that afflicts many young women.

This Wednesday (1), the actress used Instagram’s Stories tool to talk about her discovery. She said she learned of the pathology after a doctor suspected the blonde had frequent cramps.

“I always had a lot of colic, but I thought it was normal. Then I went to a doctor and she said I shouldn’t take the medication I took every month”, she began. The actress also said that she rescheduled an exam this morning, as she didn’t know she needed to go through a prep beforehand.

“I had the copper IUD so I was going to have the exam every 6 months, but the doctor didn’t see that it was out of place, so I was perforating the uterus. In addition to endometriosis, I had pain from the IUD”.

Isabella said that she is now being treated for the disease, which consists of taking continuous birth control pills to stop menstruation. “I’m following up to understand the evolutionary degree I’m at”, finished.


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On the bed, the actress posed with her clothes highlighted and even pulled the slit at the limit, leaving part of her legs exposed.