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A 47-year-old man was found dead this Wednesday (1) on a plot of land in Jardim Bela Vista, in Sumaré (SP). The victim wore a bulletproof vest, and carried a rifle ammunition case and R$800 in money contaminated with paint and blood. The suspicion is that the man was part of the gang that attacked three banks and caused terror in the streets of Araçatuba (SP). At least five suspects were arrested – read more below.

In a statement, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) informed that the Military Police was called by an anonymous complaint, which informed that a body had been thrown out of a vehicle. On the body was a note with the phone number – the sister recognized the body.

To the Civil Police, the sister said that her brother had been away from home for three days and that he was involved in the theft of cargo. The body was identified with gunshot wounds on both legs.

In addition to the ballistic vest, the man wore tactical combat boots and a black jacket. “Forensic examinations were requested from the Criminalistics Institute (IC) and IML, and the case was registered as a suspicious death by the Sumaré police station,” says the note.

Land in Sumaré (SP) where the body of a 47-year-old man suspected of participating in a mega-robbery in Araçatuba — Photo: Pedro Torres/EPTV

At least 20 criminals participated in the action. They arrived in the central region of Araçatuba around midnight on Monday (30).

Vehicles were burned in various parts of the city and region to prevent the arrival of the Military Police. Drones were also used by the gang to monitor the action and aid in the escape.

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Terror in Araçatuba: find out about the mega-robbery on bank branches

Security camera videos show residents on top of cars as the gang flees at high speed. One of the victims placed on one of the vehicles did not want to be identified, but reported moments of terror and insecurity.

“When he put me on the hood of the car, he said: ‘if you let go, if you throw yourself, I’ll stop the car and shoot you in the face’. I don’t think I ever held it in a place as strong as I held it at that time. They passed on speed bumps, they passed in the depression of the street, and the car jumped, and I held it,” he said.

Armed criminals held residents of Araçatuba (SP) hostage after bank attack — Photo: Personal archive

According to the Military Police, explosives were found in the streets, in banks, in abandoned cars and in a truck left near bank branches.

Teams from the Special Tactical Actions Group (Gate) worked for more than 30 hours to disarm and detonate all 98 artifacts in a landfill in the Água Branca neighborhood.

Civil, military and federal police are still searching for members of the gang. Vehicles used during the crime were located and seized.

Cars used by criminals during mega-robbery are found abandoned in the woods

Cars used by criminals during mega-robbery are found abandoned in the woods

According to the Military Police, a vehicle with passenger glass adapted for shots to be fired was found.

An abandoned bus with gasoline drums was also found near the Glicério (SP) tollbooth. The suspicion is that the fuel was used by criminals to set fire to vehicles on the Marechal Rondon Highway.

Until 17:00 this Wednesday (31), five people suspected of participating in the crime had been arrested. In Araçatuba, a couple was taken to the Federal Police station, where they remain at the disposal of the Court. The man and woman are suspected of acting as lookouts during the gang’s action.

In Campinas (SP), a man was arrested by police from the Specialized Criminal Investigations Division (DEIC). Then forwarded to the headquarters of the Federal Police of Araçatuba.

In Piracicaba (SP), two men with gunshot wounds and considered suspects are hospitalized at Santa Casa. One of them was hit in the abdomen and is unconscious. The other was shot in the left arm and is conscious.

Photo shows suspect of participating in the mega-robbery with an injured left arm — Photo: Personal Archive

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