Aziz criticizes Sirius’ statement on Tolentino’s health: “That’s not an answer”

Photo: Pedro França/Senate Agency

Covid’s CPI president, Omar Aziz, criticized the response given by the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital about the state of health of lobbyist Marcos Tolentino. He would testify to the commission yesterday, but presented a certificate signed by a doctor connected to the hospital, alleging health problems.

One day before the date of the deposition, Tolentino gave an interview to O Antagonista. The senators once again displayed a snippet of the conversation.

“I expected them to send me a much more consistent deal. Tolentino checked himself in at the end of the afternoon. Eight o’clock at night he was giving an interview to the website O Antagonista, by video, smiling, as if nothing had happened. In the afternoon and at night, he is smiling,” said Omar.

The president of the CPI read the letter sent to the commission by the Syrian-Lebanese.

“We emphasize that this patient is awaiting evaluation by the institutional back-up teams of the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in the specialties of general practice, general surgery and psychiatry.”

According to him, the hospital’s justification makes no sense.

“The guy came in itchy. He came in saying he was tingling. Then he says he was waiting for general surgery and psychiatry. I’m sorry, general director of Sírio Libanês, but this is not an answer for someone who came in with a tingle and at 8 pm is giving an interview.”