Bad welding project impacted RTX 3090 malfunction in New World

EVGA confirmed that PCB solder design affected the boards

In according to the PC World website, what caused permanent damage on several plates Nvidia EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 during the first days of testing Amazon’s new MMO, New World, was bad solder project on PCBs, and not fan controllers as speculated. THE EVGA identified the cause of the problem and confirmed that, despite what happened, less than 1% of the manufactured boards failed to design..

The problem of permanently damaging some GPUs was a terrible case of negative publicity so much for New World that after being delayed some was being held responsible for damaging the video cards during the first testing sessions, as for Amazon Games in general, that still was dealing with the impressions and cancellation of one of his first games in development, Crucible.

Credits: New World

Because it is a problem that also affected other models, although less catastrophic than the EVGA RTX 3090, the Amazon Games immediately offered to release a patch for New World with FPS limiter, preventing video cards from overheating causing thermal throttle, stutterings, and other types of errors that could eventually damage boards in the long run.

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Credits: TechPower Up

With the confirmation that the more serious cases were mainly related to a hardware failure and the new MMO only served to open up the problem, it’s possible that Amazon Games will succeed get around this negative publicity from New World, especially for having made a my fault even before EVGA was able to identify the root cause of the problem on their RTX 3090 FTW3.

EVGA, which started to open RMA for all affected models, so far he had not openly positioned himself on the case., precisely because it is invested in identifying the main problem. On some forums, users speculated that it might be a fan controller failure, since the sensors were accusing spikes of RPM that could indicate voltage spikes.

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The combination of the “rare” bad soldering design, according to the manufacturer, with a game that clearly has latent potential to extract as much FPS as the GPUs can deliver. EVGA declined to give the exact number of cards sold but claimed that the issue affected a very limited print run, less than 1%, of the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 that are on the market.


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Source: PC World