Bandeira de Mello obtains appeal and suspends punishment

Bandeira de Mello during press conference at Flamengo (Photo: Publicity)

The Chairman of the Board of Directors (CoAde) of Flamengo, Bernardo Amaral, accepted the request for suspensive effect on the appeal of former president Eduardo Bandeira de Mello and suspended the decision that determined the loss of his political rights for 90 days. The ex-director’s defense argued that the decision was null and void and that there was no violation of the Club’s statute.

In the suspension decision, it was determined that the future of the former president will be voted on by the members of the Deliberative Council. On the 16th, Bandeira de Mello was punished for statements referring to the fire in the Vulture’s Nest that caused the death of 10 players at the base. With a majority of supporters of the current administration, CoAde suspended the former president of the club’s membership for 90 days, which also entailed a punishment that prevented him from participating in the presidential elections for the next five years.

With the suspension, the former leader is again able to vote and run for the next elections, which will be held at the end of this year. Although he rescued the right to be eligible, he has already stated that he does not intend to dispute the command of the club in this election.

“In a politically motivated process, I was punished for the crime of opinion. I’m proud to be on the opposite side of them. I’ll appeal the decision and I’m sure that in December I’ll be in Gávea to vote for my candidate”, he said after the conviction on the 16th.

The session that punished Bandeira was attended by political opponents of Bandeira in the current administration, such as Rodolfo Landim, BAP and Gustavo Oliveira. A natural member of the Board, Marcos Braz was also present and was responsible for raising the flag at the beginning of the event. The group of vices, which also had Gustavo Fernandes and Arthur Rocha, took leave of absence to vote in favor of the punishment.

understand the complaint

The complaint against Bandeira was made in May, by the political group “Vanguarda Rubro-Negra”, after the former president said he was “almost certain” that the fire in the Ninho do Urubu, which killed 10 players at the base, would not happen if he was still the president of the club.

The request is based on two articles of the rubro-negro statute:

24, paragraph XI: “Refrain from using any means of communication to convey disgraceful expressions against FLAMENGO, or the members of its Powers, in an electoral campaign, or because of their functions;”

49: “Conveying dishonorable expressions, by any means of communication, against FLAMENGO, or the members of its Powers, in an electoral campaign, or because of their functions.”

Article 49 provides for two penalties: suspension for up to 360 days or elimination from membership.

The controversy began when Bandeira, in an interview with journalist Jorge Nicola, said he was “almost certain” that the fire would not occur if he were still president. After the repercussions, he explained saying that there was a forecast for the boys at the base to leave the containers at the turn of 2018 to 2019.

“If I were still president, I’m pretty sure the fire wouldn’t have happened. I stayed there for six years and nothing happened. What happened there, I was no longer there, and I honestly don’t know what the cause was. But I hope the MP gets to the truth. Because it’s very unpleasant to have innocents being accused in a totally unfair way. One of them is me,” said Bandeira.

The declaration resulted in an official note from Flamengo, signed by the presidents of powers of the club, refuting Bandeira’s declarations.

The current management, by Rodolfo Landim, explains that it did not transfer the young people as it was waiting for furniture, such as beds and mattresses, to arrive.


Supporters of Bandeira organized a manifesto with about 300 signatures in which they asked for the ex-director’s acquittal. In an excerpt of the published document, the group pointed to the risk of loss of freedom of expression in the club and by the press:

“An Institution like Flamengo about to defile two pillars of the Democratic Rule of Law: the free expression of thought and the free performance of the press”.

Retrieved from: Globo Esporte – Gabriela Moreira’s Blog