BBB 22: Boninho speaks out after rumors that the reality production would be “dissatisfied” with subscribers; watch!

Straight talk! Last weekend, Brazilians who dream of guaranteeing a place in the “Big Brother Brasil 22” went wild with the news that 20,000 registrations would be opened, a second chance and so much for those who missed the initial deadline. Yesterday (31), however, it was disclosed in the press that the decision was only taken due to director Boninho’s dissatisfaction with the candidates he had evaluated until then. Without mincing words, the “big boss” insisted on recording a video denying the information, and told what motivated him and the production to reopen registration.

“Don’t be worried, the 100,000 who signed up [antes] they are great! We’re loving it! Small talk, lies, gossip who said we didn’t like anyone. We’re loving it and there are a lot of people with a lot of chances [de entrar] already. But as many people asked, we are going to deliver another 20 thousand spaces, 20 thousand attempts for you. So, like, who ever did [a inscrição], congratulations, we are very happy. And now, one more chance. When? Notice for you later“he declared.

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According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper “O Dia”, the decision to reopen registrations was influenced by Boninho’s dissatisfaction with the competitors who had already submitted the registration. According to a source interviewed by the newspaper, those responsible for selecting the cast – which will once again feature a mixture of unknown and famous members divided into the groups “Camarote” and “Pipoca” – are looking for more interesting names and personalities.

“There are a lot of people pushing the envelope, using catchy catchphrases, imitating other participants, such as Juliette and Gil do Vigor, during the tryouts. The production staff even commented that they’ve been repeating the interview about five times or more with the same people they are so equal and uninteresting,” reported the insider to Oliveira.