Bill that requires the presence of the charger in the sale of new cell phones advances in Congress

Update (09/01/2021) – by DT

A bill is being processed in the National Congress that obliges the fsuppliers of electrical and electronic equipment, such as cell phones and computers, include in the devices new charger, power supply, cables and any other essential components your use of the product.

THE proposal was voted on and approved by the Consumer Defense Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday (31). Now, the text goes to the Committee on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) and for consideration by the House Plenary. If approved, it goes to the Senate.

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31 Aug

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The text was a substitute prepared by the rapporteur, deputy Jorge Braz (Republicanos-RJ), to Bill 5451/20, by deputy Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM).

The original article deals with the mandatory inclusion of charger and earphones in cell phones commercialized in the market, new or not. THE approved version extended to any electronic equipment sold, but only new.

“When purchasing a product, the consumer has the legitimate expectation that they will be provided with all the parts necessary for its operation and use”, said Braz, justifying the change.

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Some manufacturers began to stop shipping chargers and headphones along with cell phones, something that has become a trend market. At companies claim that the measure seeks to make the devices cheaper, since the costs with accessories would not be passed on to consumers.

However, the decision did not leave most users satisfied. Apple was even fined by Procon-SP, after the launch of the iPhone 12, for selling cell phones without the component. Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, have also started to adopt the practice.

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Original text (04/22/2021)

Chargerless Cell Phones: Government Wants Apple and Samsung Conduct Adjustment in Brazil

Taking the free charger out of the box has become a trend among smartphone makers. Apple was even fined by Procon-SP for, after the launch of the iPhone 12, selling cell phones without the essential component for operation, as well as Samsung, which ended up entering into an agreement with the agency and releasing the pre-sale of the new Galaxy S21 with charger.

Huawei apparently wants to follow suit, but the dispute between regulators and cellphone brands has just gained another chapter. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security will propose a Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TAC) in advance with Apple and Samsung on account of the case.

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20 Apr

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20 Apr

The National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) did not accept the environmental reasons alleged by the companies, as explained in a note obtained by TechTudo. In the document, Senacon explains that “the education and awareness process was not properly conducted by the companies” and that there was no discussion about the environment with other spheres of society.

The topic should be brought to the attention of the Ministry of the Environment, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) and the National Council to Combat Piracy and Crimes against Intellectual Property (CNCP ) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, so that measures are taken.


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18 May

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20 Apr

Apple has not yet commented on the matter, but it had already stated that it is possible to find on the market several options for devices to recharge the brand’s products.

In addition, he estimated that the iPhone and Apple Watch charger supply changes cut 2 million cubic meters of carbon, the equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road every year.

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Samsung said it has not received the notification. The company announced that the consumer profile is changing and that part of the clientele is opting for wireless chargers, as they can be used by various devices.

In a statement, the South Korean manufacturer stated that “it has made available, free of charge, since February 10, 2021, a plug adapter for all consumers who purchase any of the Galaxy S21 products in Brazil, according to the rules that are properly informed.” The action runs until April 30, 2021 and a possible extension of this initiative is under analysis.

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