Bills of R$ 200 complete one year in circulation

The circulation of R$ 200 banknotes completes one year today (2) with around 80 million banknotes in circulation in the country. In value, they are R$ 16 billion, according to data from the Central Bank (BC).

When releasing the note in the past, the BC said that 450 million banknotes would be produced. In other words, of this total produced, 17.8% are in circulation. The other bills produced are stored at BC.

In relation to other Brazilian real notes, those of R$ 200 represent 1.03% of the total notes in circulation (7.75 billion). Most banknotes in the hands of Brazilians are R$50, with more than 2.1 billion banknotes. Those of R$ 100 are more than 1.8 billion and in third place are those of R$ 2, with 1.5 billion.

Real banknotes in circulation in Brazil, on August 31, 2021

Real banknotes in circulation in Brazil, on August 31, 2021 – Disclosure/Central Bank

BC reported that the circulation of new banknotes is gradual. “The entry into circulation of the R$ 200 bill, as would happen with any other new denomination, occurs gradually and according to society’s demand. The rate of use of the 200 reais banknote has been evolving in line with expectations, and will continue to be issued over the next few years,” said the BC, in a note.

At the launch of the new banknote last year, BC president Roberto Campos Neto said that the introduction of the new banknote was essential to avoid a possible shortage of paper money in the face of the increased demand for cash since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.