‘Bitcoin Pharaoh’: Suspicion of Fraud Leads Coupling to Block Accounts | Brazil

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos had his accounts blocked on suspicion of fraud in the financial market

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos had his accounts blocked on suspicion of fraud in the financial market

Former waiter Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, 38, arrested a week ago by the Federal Police (PF) and the Public Ministry (MPF) suspected of running a financial pyramid scheme with cryptocurrencies, began investing in bitcoins in December 2014 According to the report that supported his arrest request to the Federal Court, at the time he registered with the company Foxbit Serviços Digitais SA, “then the largest bitcoin trading platform in the country.” Glaidson’s contract with the restaurant he worked as a waiter. A little over three years after registration, the account was canceled on suspicion of fraud.

As soon as he registered at Foxbit, in 2014, Glaidson moved R$ 120 thousand, according to the investigations. The following year, the man made transactions totaling more than R$1 million. For investigators, it was only in 2015 that the former waiter actually started operating cryptocurrencies. In 2016, its financial transactions were similar to 2015, with BRL 624,695.77 on credit and BRL 640,759.44 on debit, says the Internal Revenue Service.

According to investigators, Glaidson started to operate with such frequency that Foxbit Serviços Digitais SA was surprised by the amount handled by him. On February 16, 2018, the company informed the former waiter that it was closing his account because he did not present proof of income used in operations with cryptocurrencies, in addition to always sending “email messages other than those registered”.

With the closure of his Foxbit account, the former waiter migrated to Vivar Tecnologia da Informação LTDA, in March 2018. Astonished by Glaidson’s exorbitant transactions, Vivar started to communicate its operations to the Financial Activities Control Board ( Coaf). The auditors then came to the conclusion that, “possibly, Glaidson started to operate more intensely with Vivar because he had his Foxbit account closed”.

“According to information from Vivar, one can see a high increase in Glaidson’s operations, which was also reflected in his financial transactions, which in 2018 reached R$ 96,402,693.56 on credit and R$ 98,318,035.66 debited, more than ten times the value of the previous year. It should be noted that even having changed the name of his company and having Felipe (José Silva Novais) as a partner, the operations were carried out in the bank accounts of Glaidson’s individual, since GAS only had the financial transaction in 2018, R $1,321,040.00 on credit and R$1,318,623.71 on debit”, says the document.

Before canceling Glaidson’s account, in a compliance process, Foxbit asked the businessman to inform the origin of the amounts transacted. The document is dated February 15, 2018 and was sent to the former waiter’s personal email. The company’s auditor wrote: “I would like to understand a little more about the origin of these bitcoins. Are you doing international arbitrage? Mining? asked the company, which also asked the former waiter for income tax. A second attempt was made the following day, hours before the account was closed.]

Glaidson dodged the question and insisted on receiving amounts from the trades he had requested: “I’m user yosemir, one of the pioneers here at Fox! Joao Canhada knows me and knows that I do Trader Day and that’s why I need my limit increase, for example, I have deposited since February 9th the amount of 52 thousand reais that has not yet been confirmed, plus the 10 thousand one confirms me less those with higher values, my profile is old but it has already been verified with documents and etc… now please confirm my deposits please. another thing my loot is level 3 down to level 2 please! raise for me thank you very much”.

That same day, Glaidson wanted to withdraw three amounts: R$ 52,000, R$ 35,000 and R$ 40,000, respectively. However, I needed to send the documentation requested by the company.

To put pressure on Foxbit Serviços Digitais SA, the wife of the former waiter, the Venezuelan Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa, who is considered a fugitive and is on Interpol’s list for extradition, entered the circuit with the brokerage to issue buy and sell orders, “which proves that he was not only aware of the scheme, but was acting actively”, says the PF.

Zerpa wrote in Spanish: “Hola Rafael, habla la Gladson’s wife disculpa mi españal, yo soy extranjera. There it sends the travez and the courier that is sent from your personal correction. We are awaiting several deposits since February 9, 2018 and not confirmed”, says the woman, who sends five numbers of rescue checks and asks for three cash withdrawals that add up to R$ 135 thousand.