Boninho ‘buries’ Marcos Mion’s chances to present Big Brother Brasil 22

The director of Big Brother Brasil, Boninho, “buried” once and for all a possible hope of Marcos Mion’s fans to see the communicator presenting the next edition of the BBB that debuts on January 24th, 2022. That’s because the Globo director shared on his official Instagram profile a photo with Bárbara Pires, Globo’s Executive Communication Supervisor and one of the BBB directors, Rodrigo Dourado.

In addition to the two collaborators of the Rio station, who also appeared in the image was the presenter Tiago Leifert. Indicating then, that the communicator will be the presenter of the reality “most watched in the country” for the sixth consecutive year. In the caption of the photo that showed the meeting between the BBB team, Boninho wrote: “How good it is to be with these guys!!! @tiagoleifert @babipires and Rodrigo Dourado the owner of @bbb”.

In the publication’s comments, among many messages from followers asking for a spot on the BBB, some internet users were also anxious about the debut of the new season of Globo’s reality show: “What team”, wrote former participant Pocah. “Let the games begin”, cheered another internet user on Instagram.

According to information released by columnist Andre Romano, from the Observatório da TV website, Marcos Mion will be the reserve presenter of the attraction led by Tiago Leifert. Also according to the publication, this vacancy was occupied in the past by Andre Marques who has now been replaced by the former presenter for Record TV.

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The position of reserve presenter is common at Globo, the same thing happens with the communicators Fernanda Gentil, Patrícia Poeta and Ana Furtada, who are the substitutes for the presenters Fátima Bernardes and Ana Maria Braga in cases of vacation or medical emergency.

As is known, Marcos Mion recently signed a contract with Globo, to lead some projects on the entertainment channel Multishow. With the chair dance that took place on the Rio station in June after Fausto Silva left Sundays, Luciano Huck ended up migrating to Globo’s Sundays and Marcos Mion will temporarily take over the cauldron until the end of the year.

Mion’s debut program on Globo will be this Saturday (3) and Marinho’s station has selected a cast of famous celebrities to boost the audience of Globo’s Saturday afternoon attraction. Among the confirmed artists are: Tiago Leifert, Ana Furtado, Larissa Manoela, Juliana Paes and Paulo Vieira.

On his social networks, Marcos Mion talked about recording his first “Caldeirão”: “Geez, recording today was a surreal thing. Controlling the crying at the end… I said ‘my God, I can’t start crying here in a way that I can’t stop anymore’. Anyone who knows me knows the way I’m emotional“, said the presenter on their social networks.

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