Brazil adds four more golds and advances to two finals

Four diamonds —two in the pool, one in the athletic field and the other on the mat of the debutant parataekwondô—, plus two selections in the finals. That was the balance of Brazil today (2), the ninth day of competitions in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo-2020. Talisson Glock won the 400m freestyle in the S6 class (athletes with medium functionality), and Gabriel Araújo, Gabrielzinho, was the first in the 50m backstroke in the S2 class (with low functionality). At the release of the F11 class disc (with visual impairments), Alessandro “Gigante” Rodrigo da Silva was left with his mark to climb to the top of the podium. In the K44 class under 61kg, the champion was Nathan Torquato.

From team sports, the men’s goalball team made it to the final and faces China tomorrow, at 7:30 am in Brasília, while 5-a-side football remains undefeated: it disputes the gold with Argentina at 5:30 am on Sunday (5). The women’s goalball team lost on penalties to the United States and disputes the bronze against Japan from 1:15 am tomorrow (3), as well as the men’s seated volleyball team, which faces Bosnia Herzegovina on Saturday (4), at 2:00.

In sixth place in the overall medals table, Brazil continues in the fight for golds to try to overtake Ukraine, in fifth place, which would be unprecedented — the best position to date was seventh in London-2012. Holland and Australia are also in this fight. So far, Brazilians have had 54 medals, with 19 golds, 13 silvers and 28 bronzes. The gold ones, which define the overall classification, are athletics (eight), swimming (also eight), weightlifting, judo and parataekwondo.

China is the leader soaring with a total of 167 medals, of which 77 are golds, 46 silvers and 44 bronzes, followed by Great Britain, the Russian Olympic Committee and the United States.

alessandro "Giant": two-time champion in the release of the album - Wander Roberto/CPB - Wander Roberto/CPB

Alessandro “Gigante”: in Tokyo-2020, two-time champion in the release of the album

Image: Wander Roberto/CPB

The gold medal in athletics went to Alexandre “Gigante” Rodrigo da Silva, who won the second title in the F11 class (athletes with visual impairments) from the disc’s release. He scored 43.16, breaking his own Paralympic record (he also holds the world record, with 46.10m, in addition to being two-time world champion in 2017 and 2019). Silver and bronze were with marks far from the Brazilian: Iranian Mahdi Olad launched 40.60m, and Italian Oney Tapia recorded 39.52m.

Athletics was awarded silver by Marivana Oliveira, in the F35 class (walkers with cerebral palsy) in the shot put, with 9.15m. The gold was from Ukrainian Mariia Pomazan (12.24m), and Kazakh bronze Anna Luxova (8.60m). Mateus Evangelista, from class T37 (walkers with cerebral palsy) in the long jump, was bronze with 6.05m, trailing behind the Ukrainian Vladyslav Zahrebelnyi (6.59m) and the Argentine Brian Lionel Impellizzeri (6.44m).

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The athletics track was also the setting for a proposal of marriage. Guide Manuel Vaz da Veiga knelt in the rain to hear the “yes” from Keula Semedo, from Cape Verde. The groom took 11 years to “take courage” and said he chose the location because the track is the bride’s second home. She, who has competed since 2005, commented that she had thought of quitting after Tokyo-2020, due to her age (32 years) and brands, but she gained new motivation.

two golds in water

Talisson Glock was gold in the S6 class (medium functionality) of the 400m freestyle with 4min54s42, with silver by Italian Antonio Fantin (4min55s70) and bronze by Russian Viacheslav Lenskii (5min04s84). He was the fifth Brazilian in swimming to win gold, after Carol Santiago (three), Gabriel Araújo (two), Gabriel Bandeira and Wendell Belarmino.

Glock already had bronze in the 100m freestyle and in the mixed 4x50m freestyle 20 points and is still enrolled in the 100m backstroke, with qualifiers tonight by Brasília time.

Gabriel Araújo, from Paralympic Swimming - Lintao Zhang/Getty Images - Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Gabriel Araújo: two golds and one silver for Paralympic swimming

Image: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Gabriel Araújo was very focused to reach the gold in the S2 class (low functionality) with a time of 53s96. Chilean Alberto Abarza won silver (57s76), and Russian Vladímir Danilenko won bronze (59s47). At 19 years old and making his debut in the Paralympic Games, Gabrielzinho won medals in the three events he participated in: in addition to the gold this Thursday (2), he won the 200m freestyle and took silver in the 100m backstroke.

Nathan Torquarto, from parataekwondô - Rogério Capela/CPB - Rogério Capela/CPB

Nathan Torquato, for Brazil, in the debut of parataekwondô

Image: Rogério Capela/CPB

Nathan Torquato took the gold of parataekwondô without fighting in the final of the K44 class (athletes with unilateral amputation) in the up to 61kg category. In the semifinals, the Egyptian Mohamed Elzayat was kicked in the face and, for safety reasons, according to the rules, he does not fight the next fight — in this case, the final against the Brazilian.

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The Brazilian men’s goalball team passed Lithuania, current Paralympic champion, in the semifinals, with a 9-5 victory. Now Brazil goes to the third straight final, after silver in London-2012 and bronze in Rio-2016. The decision against China is tomorrow, at 7:30 am (Eastern time).

The women’s team played a very close match with the USA and ended up losing on penalties. He didn’t get a spot in the final for 17 seconds, which was the time left in the second half when the Americans tied the game 2-2. penalties guaranteed a place in the final. Brazil disputes the bronze against Japan, at 1:15 am tomorrow.

The men’s seated volleyball team lost to the Russians, by 3 sets to 1 (22/25, 25/21, 25/19 and 25/19), and dispute the bronze against Bosnia Herzegovina on Saturday, at 2 am. The Brazilians had already gone through difficulties to reach the semifinals, with a defeat to Germany and a place guaranteed by points.

Jefinho, of 5-a-side football - Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images - Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images

Against Morocco, Jefinho guarantees a spot in the 5-a-side football final

Image: Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images

The 5-a-side football continues unbeaten after a tied match against Morocco, won with Jefinho’s only goal. With two minutes to go, goalkeeper Luan secured the victory with an important save. In Tokyo, the team went 3-0 over China and 4-0 over Japan and France. Therefore, they have 12 goals scored and none conceded.

The Brazilian 5-a-side soccer team has never lost in the Paralympic Games and is seeking the fifth championship. It makes the final against the Argentines at 5:30 am (GMT) this Sunday (5), repeating Athens-2004, when it won 3-2.