Britney Spears says her father is trying to extort money

Britney Spears, 39, says her father, Jamie Spears, 69, is trying to extort more money from her as a condition of leaving her guardianship. The information was released this Tuesday (31) by TMZ, which had access to legal documents.

Britney’s legal team says Jamie is asking for $2 million (about R$10 million), which will be used to pay her lawyers and her former business manager Tri Star. Matt Rosengart, the singer’s lawyer, said she will not be extorted.

Britney says Jamie should resign now instead of delaying his departure. The singer said that if he does not step down, the court must suspend him from guardianship on September 29.


In early August, Jamie Spears withdrew from tutoring his daughter after 13 years. In documents sent to the court, he has agreed to leave his position and wants to work on an orderly transition to the new guardian.

“Even though Mr. Spears is a relentless target of unwarranted attacks, he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter over his service as her guardian would be in his interest,” the documents say.

Even though the singer has given up her role as tutor, Spears argues in the documents that there are no legal reasons for the change and questions whether at this moment this would be the best thing for her daughter. “There is, in fact, no real reason to suspend or remove Mr. Spears as the career and estate guardian.”

Britney was waging a court battle to wrest control of the singer’s personal and business issues away from her father. Since 2008, Spears has placed her daughter under court order when she suffered a public breakdown.

The turnaround in the case came just over a month after the American court denied the request by the defense of Britney to remove her father from guardianship. The decision did not take into account the testimony of Britney Spears when the singer gave explosive testimony in the case, in which she harshly criticized her father and accused him of abuse of guardianship.

The decision was linked to a request filed last year by Samuel Ingham, the artist’s lawyer, to remove her father from guardianship. At that time, Judge Brenda Penny had already denied suspending Jamie Spears from control of her daughter’s finances and life, although she has not ruled out future petitions.

Also at the time, the judge appointed the Bessemer Trust company as joint curator of Britney’s heritage, as the singer had requested. The documents, according to Variety, exclusively pointed to the company’s approval of the agreement, and reiterated the judge’s decision not to remove Jamie Spears from guardianship.

Confidential court documents published in June by The New York Times say the singer told a court investigator that guardianship has become “an oppressive and controlling tool against her” since 2016.

The controversy over Britney Spears’ legal case gained a new chapter with the February release of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which chronicles the process of her emotional breakdown and her father’s appointment as guardian.

Following Kevin Federline’s divorce in 2006 and losing custody of her children the following year, paparazzi pursued her at various times. Under her father’s tutelage, Britney Spears has released three albums, appeared on television shows and accepted a residency in Las Vegas.

But in January 2019 she announced an indefinite suspension of concerts.