busy schedule for volleyball week – Web Vôlei

Volleyball, lots of volleyball, for all tastes, throughout the week in Brazil. The final stretch of the European Women’s Championship, the beginning of the Men’s South American Championship, the continent’s first national team tournament after the Tokyo Olympic Games, as well as Paulista, the U-19 World Cup… And with broadcasts on open TV, closed, by streaming and by YouTube.

O Web Volleyball prepared this guide with the transmissions already confirmed by the stations. Make your choices, volleyball, and enjoy the menu full of good games. Remembering that changes can occur and will be updated if they do.


Brazil U-19 x Italy, at 5:30 am (FIVB YouTube)
Italy x Russia, at 12:00 (Fox Sports)
Serbia x France, at 3 pm (Fox Sports)
Argentina x Colombia, at 4:30 pm (SporTV 2)
Brazil x Peru, at 7 pm (SporTV 2)


Chile x Peru, at 4:30 pm (SporTV 2)
Brazil x Colombia, at 7 pm (SporTV 2)


Turkey x Serbia or France at 12:00 (Fox Sports)
Netherlands vs Italy or Russia at 3pm (Fox Sports)
Peru x Argentina, at 4:30 pm (SporTV 2)
Vedacit Guarulhos x Sesi, at 6 pm (TV Nsports)
Brazil x Chile, at 7 pm (SporTV 2)
Vôlei Renata x Vôlei Futuro, at 7pm (TV Nsports)


Colombia x Peru, at 10 am (SporTV 2)
Competition for the bronze of the European, at 12:00 (Fox Sports)
Argentina x Chile, at 1 pm (SporTV 2)
European Final at 3pm (Fox Sports)


Brazil x Argentina, at 10 am (Globo and SporTV 2)
Colombia x Chile, at 1:00 pm (SporTV 2)