Can Bolsa Família subscribers receive less in the new Auxílio Brasil?

The new Auxílio Brasil, an income distribution program that is a strong bet of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro promises to pay readjusted amounts at least 50% higher than the current Bolsa Família social program.

So far, it is not known what will be the value of the Brazil Aid, because the Provisional Measure (MP) sent by the government to the National Congress will be voted on and possible modifications by both the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

In addition, the new Provisional Measure determines that during the transition of beneficiaries from Bolsa Família to Auxílio Brasil, the same payments between the two benefits are guaranteed.

In other words, the Bolsa Família beneficiary who, by chance, will receive less in the Auxílio Brasil, will receive a compensatory transition benefit, ensuring that there is no loss for the current beneficiaries.

It is worth remembering that the government’s forecast is to start payments for this new program in November. The Provisional Measure enters into force when published in the Official Gazette of the Union and has the force of law, but needs to be approved by deputies and senators within 120 days to be definitively valid.

Transition Compensation Benefit

The compensatory benefit will be paid exclusively to current Bolsa Família subscribers who have had a reduction in the amount of benefits they received, after qualifying for the new Auxílio Brasil program.

Its calculation will consider the sum of the Bolsa Família Program benefits received in the month preceding the implementation date of the new program.

The benefit calculation does not apply when the decrease in the sum of benefits has occurred due to a change in the family composition or family income.

Thus, the value of the benefit will be gradually reduced when the sum of the benefits of the Programa Auxílio Brasil increases or according to the review of the family’s eligibility.

The period for receiving the compensatory benefit will be indefinite and must be paid until there is an increase in the amount of benefits received from Auxílio Brasil by the family, with no reduction in the amount received from Bolsa Família; until the family no longer meets the eligibility criteria for the benefit or until it no longer meets the criteria for permanence in Auxílio Brasil.

Finally, the compensatory benefit will be gradually reduced until the sum of the Auxílio Brasil benefits increases, or according to the beneficiary family’s eligibility review.

Application for Brazil Aid

For those who do not receive Bolsa Família and want to enroll in the new Auxílio Brasil program, the conditions for membership have not yet been defined, however, those interested must first enroll in the Cadastro de Único de Informação Social (CadÚnico).

It is through CadÚnico that the government is able to determine which low-income Brazilians can receive its social programs. In addition, it will still be necessary to respect the current requirements for granting Bolsa Família.

Among the main requirements of the current Bolsa Família we have the requirement of monthly income per person of up to R$89, which represents extreme poverty, and families with income per person of R$89.01 to R$178, which is configured as a situation of poverty.