Carlos Bolsonaro attacks ‘frustrated losers’ after having broken sigils

O vereador Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos), filho Zero Dois do presidente Jair Bolsonaro, reagiu no Twitter, na manhã desta quarta-feira, 1, à quebra de seus sigilos fiscal e bancário pela Justiça. The court order was decreed on May 24th. With a mandate in Rio’s City Council since 2001, but influential in the government and in his father’s social networks, Carlos is suspected of being a “crack”. This is the illegal appropriation of part or all of the salary of employees appointed to positions in your office. Carlos attacked “frustrated losers” without naming them, but offered no explanations to refute the criminal charges.

“In the absence of new facts, they rehash the old ones that obviously didn’t get anywhere and change the packaging to push the narrative forward,” he wrote. “The losers, frustrated at not being what they always were, were left to manipulate and lie. It’s what they accuse the most and what they do the most!”

On Tuesday, the 31st, the Globonews informed that the Rio justice system had broken the councilor’s fiscal and banking secrecy, information later confirmed by the State. The measure was authorized by the 1st Specialized Court for Combating Organized Crime in Rio.

Carlos Bolsonaro has been investigated since July 2019 by the State Public Ministry (MP-RJ). Suspicions are of “cracking” and hiring phantom employees in his office at the City Council. In addition to him, another 26 people and seven companies had their banking and tax secrecy broken by the same court order. One of the signs under investigation was the purchase by the councilor, in 2003, in cash of an apartment for R$ 150 thousand (R$ 370 thousand in current money).

Carlos’ older brother, currently senator Flavio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ) is also investigated for “rachadinha”. He was denounced by the MP in Rio, along with other defendants, for the crimes of criminal organization, money laundering, embezzlement (when an employee embezzles public funds) and embezzlement. His defense pleads innocence and points to alleged nullity of the evidence obtained. The senator, who answers for facts that would have occurred when he was state deputy, claims to be the target of political persecution aimed at harming his father.

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