Catia Fonseca “debuts” on Globo with Ana Maria Braga; find out how it went!

Competitors? Yes. Friends? Also! Catia Fonseca, presenter of the Band, and Ana Maria Braga left the competition aside and staged an unprecedented commercial action. The meeting took place during the program Mais Você, this morning (2/9), and, despite being highly praised on the web, it also received criticism for not having been in person and even recorded.

The “debut” of Catia Fonseca happened through an advertiser and was marked by the affection between the two: “It’s a giant joy to be here talking to you and first of all, I want to confess something that I think you even you know. I’ve always wanted to meet you, since before I got on television. When you left Note e Anote and I took over as the show’s host, my dream was to meet you anywhere (…) but our paths never crossed”, tietou.


And rolled up to this! The presenter of the Band with the help of the sponsor left her affection materialized and announced: “For me to celebrate this meeting and even thank you for receiving me so well at your house, I asked your production to keep it hidden there and now give you a very good gift. special that I personally chose for you (…).”

Despite competing broadcasters, Catia made a point of leaving a message about unity: “This pandemic made us look at the world with different eyes and being here myself from another broadcaster, it shows that we do need to be closer and united. ”

It is worth remembering that the lives of communicators crossed paths in the past. Ana Maria Braga left Record in the 90s and migrated to Rede Globo. At the same time, Catia was chosen to take over the program until then, led by Ana, Note and Anote.