Catia Fonseca participates in the program Mais Você, by Globo

An unprecedented commercial action will place Catia Fonseca at the More you, program of Ana Maria Braga on the Globe. the presenter of best of the afternoon, from Band, will be present in the morning.

The interaction between the two takes place in this Thursday’s program (2). They will participate in an advertisement together, uniting the two broadcasters.

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This is an advertisement for Riachuelo, in which Ana Maria and Catia will appear together to talk to viewers. It will be the first time of the contractor of Band in attraction, the realization of a dream for her.

It is not today that Catia praises Ana Maria’s talent and says that she would like to meet her. Earlier this year, the blonde recorded a video for Melhor da Tarde talking about an exhibition that took place in São Paulo.

Catia was surprised and praised the artist. Besides, he promised to meet her and even bring a cake. “I’m a fan of Ana Maria Braga! I still want to get to know this one better in person. I even take an orange muffin, which I know she likes”, he pointed out.

It is worth noting that Catia replaced Ana Maria in charge of Note and Note, on Record TV, in the late 1990s. With the hiring of Louro José’s friend by Globo, Catia was chosen to succeed her. She was in the attraction for about a year, making room for Trojan Claudette.