CBF maintains “Russian” and “English” calls and expects FIFA to punish clubs | international football

The CBF will carry out its intention to see the English and Russian clubs that prevented players from defending the Brazilian Team in the September rounds of the World Cup qualifiers.

According to the GE, the organization will keep the calls of Alisson, Fabinho and Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Ederson and Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Fred (Manchester United), Raphinha (Leeds United), Claudinho and Malcolm (Zenit).

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The CBF wants FIFA to impose a rule that prevents clubs from using these players for five days after the end of the international window.

In that case, everyone would lose a round of the national championships. Zenit, Chelsea and United also couldn’t use Claudinho, Malcom, Thiago Silva and Fred in a Champions League game.

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Malcolm will no longer defend the Brazilian team on this date FIFA — Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

The only exception must be Richarlison (Everton). The relationship between CBF and the club has been good since before the Olympics, an event for which the player was released, although this is not mandatory under FIFA rules.

All players are aware of the CBF’s position – which does not guarantee that everyone is satisfied, after all, they run the risk of not being able to take the field for their clubs for one or two games.

The CBF told players, both those who did not travel (in the case of the “Englishmen”) and those who returned to Europe (in the case of the “Russians”) that there would be no punishment or retaliation for the case.

Malcom and Claudinho are forced to return to Europe and Tite gains more embezzlements

Malcom and Claudinho are forced to return to Europe and Tite gains more embezzlements