Cceres and Ventura train with ball and only options for Luxembourg on Cruzeiro

(Photo: Rodolfo Rodrigues/Cruzeiro)

the right-back Ral Cceres and the steering wheel Lucas Ventura trained with the ball this Wednesday and will be options in the cruise aiming at the Serie B sequence of the Brazilian Championship.

Cceres has not played since July 10, 2020, when he sprained his left ankle in a 3-3 draw with Botafogo, at the Nilton Santos stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, for the 11th round of Series B.

J Lucas Ventura was injured in a similar way, but in the right ankle, against Vila Nova-GO (0-0), in Goinia, for the 14th round.

The recovery of these players occurs at a time of team casualties. While right-back Norberto suffered a muscle injury in his right thigh, defensive midfielder Flvio received the third yellow card in a 0-0 draw with the CRB, on Sunday, at the Rei Pel stadium, in Macei.

In the specific case of Cceres, the weight of the return is even greater, as Vanderlei had been improvising the Rmulo defensive midfielder on the right side due to the absence of Norberto.

Since being hired by Cruzeiro, in June 2020, Cceres has received positive evaluations thanks to the security of the marking and quality of support. In 54 official matches, he scored three goals and gave six assists.


With the participation of under-20 youth, this Wednesday’s collective ended with a score of 1 to 1 – goals from Marcinho and Diogo Vitor.

team 1 had Vincius; Ral Cceres, Lo Santos, Joseph and Felipe Augusto; Lucas Ventura, Marco Antnio, Claudinho and Marcinho; Dudu and Rafael Sobis.

Team 2 trained with Lucas Frana; Riquelmy, Weverton, Paulo and Kaiki; Matheus Neris, Ageu and Diogo Vitor; Igor Lemos, Riquelmo and Vitor Leque.


The holders in the tie with CRB performed regenerative activity, as well as defender Rhodolfo and defensive midfielder Ariel Cabral.

Right-back Norberto, defensive midfielder Henrique and forward Kek remain in the medical department.

This Thursday, Vanderlei Luxemburgo will lead activities in two periods at Toca and continue his preparations to face Gois, at 9:30 pm on Tuesday (7), at Serrinha stadium, in Goinia, for the 22nd round of Series B.

With 25 points in 21 games – five wins, 10 draws and six defeats – Cruzeiro has a 1.8% chance of accessing Serie A and 12% of relegation to the third division. The calculations are from Department of Mathematics at UFMG.