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What could be more unhappy and less creative than playing with the spelling of the word “crisis” to turn it into “create”? Do this using some of the worst moments in our history to show creativity as a kind of positive counterpoint to each of them. Because that’s exactly what the CCSP campaign signed by Wieden+Kennedy to promote the 2021 Creation Club Festival tried to do. Who approved this?

In the released film, it is possible to walk through several perverse moments in human history, such as the Inquisition, slavery and wars; in contrast with some of the creations from the same periods, such as Renaissance, Blues, Bauhaus. The end also suggests that the Clube de Criação Festival can be seen as the movement of creativity within the COVID-19 pandemic. Look:

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“The film ‘crisis, create‘ (watch below) [sic] highlights historical examples of how transformative movements emerge in troubled times: from the Inquisition to the Renaissance, in the 16th century; from slavery in the US to blues, in the nineteenth century; from World War I to the Bauhaus School of Art in the 1920s; from the Ku Klux Klan to the Black Power movement in the 1970s; and so on.”, read the text posted on the CCSP website that was deleted, but could still be accessed via Google’s cache at the time of writing this post.

The production is directed by Christian Balzano, from the Joint, with the collaboration of 3D artists Marlos Lima, Vinicius Lavor and Bruno Faiotto. The audio was produced by Satellite. Other pieces for digital media, such as banners and displays, complete the strategy.

The commercial obviously generated a lot of repercussion on social networks, with dozens of publications, mostly carried out by communication professionals, criticizing the relationship created by the piece.

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The play was even accused of plagiarism by an internet user, who posted a film from the Brooklyn Film Festival, which works on the exact same creative concept.

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CCSP and W+K go back

Both the Creation Club and Wieden+Kennedy decided to go back, erased the published content and left it on their social networks a post apologizing for what happened.

“Today, the Creation Club and Wieden+Kennedy released a new film on their networks. As soon as the negative reactions emerged, we understood how inappropriate the message was – so we decided to take it down immediately. We sincerely apologize”, says the text published by CCSP on Twitter.

Wieden+Kennedy has published something very similar on their Instagram profile:

Positioning published in stories from the agency Wieden+Kennedy Brasil. Image: Reproduction – Instagram

Even so, there was still criticism from the public of the social network.

About the CCSP Festival

Innovation, technology, art, cinema, music, gastronomy and diversity are some of the topics covered by the speakers at the Clube de Criação Festival. This year the event will be sponsored by Globo/ Globoplay (Premium), Google and Surreal Hotel Arts (Master), Barry Company, Bonafont, Warner Media, Alice Filmes, AlmapBBDO, David, Leo Burnett Tailor Made, MyMama, O2 Filmes, Paranoid, TV pilot, Santeria, Wieden+Kennedy, WMcCann and Zohar Filmes (Godmothers). Supports are: 20DASH and Monkeyland.

Technical Data (Crisis, Create campaign):

AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
TITLE: Crisis, Create
CLIENT: Creative Club
PRODUCT: Creative Club Festival
DIRECTORS OF CREATION: Mariana Borga | Fabiano Higashi
EDITOR: Luz Arroyo
ART DIRECTORS: Will Cega | Cacá Barabas
SERVICE: Camila Hamaoui | Carolina Cavallini | Tabata Viana
PLANNING: André Troster |
RTV: Regiani Pettinelli | Ricardo Barbin
SCENE DIRECTOR: Christian Balzano
EDITION: Christian Balzano | Eduardo Oliveira
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Maurício Kazu Yamashita
POST-PRODUCTION: Christian Balzano | Eduardo Oliveira
3D: Christian Balzano | Vinicius Lavor | Marlos Lima | Bruno Faiotto
SOUND PRODUCER: Satellite Audio
MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Roberto Coelho | Kito Siqueira | Hurso Ambrifi | Thiago Colli
SERVICE: Fernanda Costa | Renata Schincariol | Claudio Leal
MUSICAL PRODUCTION: Kito Siqueira | Roberto Coelho | Hurso Ambrifi | Mike Vlcek | Thiago Colli | Charly Coombes | Koitty and Helton Oliveira
FINISHING: Carla Cornea | Pedro Macedo | Ian Sierra | Renan Marques