Ceará receives 357,202 doses of CoronaVac vaccine for the application of D1 and D2

Ceará received, this Wednesday morning, 1st, a total of 357,202 doses of CoronaVac vaccine against Covid-19. According to information released on social networks by Governor Camilo Santana (PT), this is the first of three shipments of immunization against the pandemic disease planned to arrive in the state today. The batch that arrived will be used to apply the first dose (D1) and the second dose (D2).

According to an estimate given by the manager, by the end of this Wednesday night the Federative Unit must have received, in total, 440,3622 doses of vaccines against the pathology. In addition to CoronaVac, Ceará will receive a batch from AstraZeneca with 27,000 doses and another shipment with 56,160 doses from Pfizer — both will be used for the application of D2.

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The doses of CoronaVac have already been sent to the Center for Storage and Distribution of Immunobiologicals (Ceadim), of the Department of Health of Ceará (Sesa), and from there they will be distributed to municipalities. About 26.51% of the population of the state is already vaccinated against the disease.

Ceará has advanced in the immunization campaign as it receives new doses of immunizing agents, sent through the National Immunization Plan (PNI). In Fortaleza, the public from 12 to 17 years old has already started to be contemplated, in descending order.

See images of the arrival of doses:

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