Check out the health update for Hildegard Angel, hospitalized with Covid

Hildegard Angel – Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Hildegard Angel, columnist and daughter of stylist Zuzu Angel, who is hospitalized with Covid-19, claimed to be getting better from the disease.

She said that she was being treated “with great affection”, she praised health professionals and criticized public managers. The information is from Quem Magazine.

“I’m at Hospital Samaritano, Rio de Janeiro, attended with great affection. My doctor is Dr. João Gaspar Corrêa Meyer. I’m getting better. Healthcare professionals are our new heroes. They keep empathy, compassion and a lot of efficiency. Some already had Covid, others lost mothers, fathers, brothers. And they remain in the read”, explained Hilde.

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She stressed that the pandemic crisis needs management and encouragement from entrepreneurs.

“We will only get out of this hell when there is a politician with sensitivity and charity, a real Christian like Christ, who doesn’t worry about corporate revenues. The government needs to create support, exemption and incentive funds for small and medium-sized businesses”, said the journalist. “While big business is making money like never before. Billionaires multiply. The toothless, shirtless and hungry grow in geometric progression”, he vented.


The journalist had told friends, in an email, about the hospitalization.

“I’ve been hospitalized for days, with Covid, very well treated, but with a cleaver over her head. As with everyone in the same condition. This is certainly why I have been more forceful than ever in my writings. I don’t know what day tomorrow. I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. You don’t deserve it. Brazil doesn’t deserve it,” she wrote.