Chinese hotels offer gamer stations with powerful PCs in rooms

Rooms can have multiple computers with RTX 3080

A gamer always wants his game to continue, no matter where. Although there are portable console solutions, for a PC gamer, nothing better than a good desktop. Some hotels in China are well aware of this and prepared for that audience. A hotel in Guangzhou has Very well equipped PCs waiting for you.

Usually hotel room prices vary according to what that room offers and how many people will occupy it. In this case, in addition, the value of the accommodation is based on the configuration of the PC (or several of them) which is in the bedroom.

A room for two people with computers equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and Intel Core “i7 10900” (yes, it’s what’s described on the hotel page), 165 Hz monitors, gamer chairs and all gamer paraphernalia, it costs 80 dollars the daily. And goes to rooms of $150 a day with six PCs with RTX 3080 and bunk beds, in addition to the shelf with noodles, drinks and snacks.

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These gamer-ready hotels have appeared in Chinese cities categorized by tier 1 through 3. Guangzhou is a tier 1 (or tier 1) city in the Chinese rating system, which takes into account consumer behavior, purchasing patterns, and more. factors about citizens.

The hotel in question appears to be of a higher standard with large rooms. A quick internet search and you can find a simpler room, with much less space between the desk with the computers and the bed, nothing to stop the fun.

The game market in China has been growing in a way that indicates a future power in the future. Tencent, for example, is the largest player in the gaming industry in the world. She owns several studios, as well as investing in names like Epic Games, Blizzard and Activision.

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The idea of ​​gamer hotels is not bad, especially at this time of extremely high prices and when it seems that it will stabilize and, soon after, not anymore. It’s much cheaper to pay a night in a hotel like this than to buy an RTX 3070, let alone build an entire high-end PC with all the peripherals.


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Via: Tom’s Hardware