Cobrana por Ded surpasses Cruzeiro’s heritage with athletes and real estate

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

Although Justice has cited the cruise to indemnify the businessmen who invested in hiring the defender Ded, the case drags on for a long time in the courts. The main object of the discussion is the charge amount – R$330 million -, almost three times the club’s revenue in 2020, around R$120 million, and equal to the record revenue of 2018, of R$329 million.

The stratospheric amount claimed by the entrepreneurs who held a stake in Ded’s rights surpasses even a large part of the assets declared by Fox. In the financial statement for the year 2020, for example, the club recorded R$98.4 million in intangible assets (economic and federative rights of athletes, software, patents and brands) and R$213.7 million in fixed assets (land, buildings and constructions, furniture, utensils and equipment, vehicles and construction in progress).

If it traded the properties and also the players for the amount entered in the balance sheet, Cruzeiro would receive R$312.1 million – insufficient to cover the R$330 million required by the group of investors. The club filed embargoes contesting the figures, and not having to pay any amount to claimants at first. It is likely, moreover, that this imbroglio will drag on beyond the management of President Srgio Santos Rodrigues, which ends in December 2023.

Lawyers heard by the report explained that during the period when Ded was hired, in 2013, it was common for investors to insert fines similar to the sports indemnity clause in the contract. The measure worked as a form of protection for the creditor, who ran the risk of losing the entire amount invested in a possible departure of the player at “zero cost” in a possible early termination of employment due to the club’s fault.

Also according to specialists, the amount intended by the group of entrepreneurs does not necessarily correspond to the value of the sentence. The case will be carefully analyzed by the judge, who may consider the request disproportionate and abusive. In other words, the investors would win the case, but they would receive a much smaller amount, within the possibilities of payment by the association.

In April 2013, investors paid Vasco R$14 million for Ded and placed him on Cruzeiro, which, in turn, would be entitled to a showcase fee on a transfer of the athlete to another club. The defender’s economic rights were divided as follows – DIS Group – 51.91%; GT Sports – 6.5%; Marcus Vincius Sanchez Secundino – 30.5%; and Giscard Salton – 11.09%.

In his technical and physical peak at Raposa, Ded received outstanding awards from competitions and was called up the Brazilian National Team. In several interviews, the player revealed having received proposals from Europe, such as Lyon, France (2018), and Juventus, Italy (2014). Flamengo also signaled an offer of R$30 million in 2019, but the then vice president of football, Itair Machado, dismissed the sale citing a fine of R$330 million.

In eight years, Ded won seven titles for Cruzeiro: two Brazilian Championships (2013 and 2014), two Brazil Cups (2017 and 2018) and three Minas Gerais Championships (2014, 2018 and 2019). He has been on the field on 188 opportunities and scored 15 goals. His sequence was impaired by injuries to both knees, to the point of acting only 12 times from 2015 to 2017.

With back wages and pending labor funds, Ded reached an agreement to terminate with Cruzeiro on July 1, 2021. It was decided that the club would pay the athlete R$16.6 million over five years from January 2022 – 60 times of R$276,666.66. The initial value of the process exceeded R$35 million.

Still without a club after leaving Toca, Ded has not played an official match since October 19, 2019, when Raposa beat Corinthians 2-1, in So Paulo, for the 27th round of the Brazilian Nationals. At the time, he injured his knee and had to be replaced by Cac. Later, he tried both conservative and surgical treatment, but he didn’t reach the ideal conditions to return to the lawns.