Corinthians announces sponsorship for men’s, women’s football and basketball

Corinthians’ promise to make “special announcements” at the club’s birthday party, this Wednesday, was fulfilled during “Live 111 Years – A Fiel Vai Invadir”, which took place at the Neo Química Arena.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves made official partnerships for the men’s and women’s soccer teams, as well as an exclusive one for the basketball team.

The front bar of the men’s shirt will be occupied by Mercado Bitcoin, one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world, until December 2022.

The fuel company ALE, which had already been confirmed during the week, also had the partnership reinforced during the event. The brand will occupy the chest of the shirt.

In women’s football, Spani Atacadista is the new master sponsor. And on the back of the women’s shirt, the Atoveran Hot brand, which belongs to the Hypera Pharma group, will be exposed. Both contracts until the end of 2021.

In men’s basketball, the agreement with Totvs, a reference technology company in the country, was formalized, with expiration date for 2026.

“We have been seeking in recent months to make the club self-sustainable in all sports,” commented the Corinthians president, who also referred to the fact that women’s football is close to being self-sustainable. “We’re coming. It’s a little bit to go.”

The partnership with Só, which will allow the club to have its own Fan Token, in the field of virtual currencies, was also reinforced, as it has its launch scheduled for this Thursday.

“Come together, help the club. Let’s show the world the size and passion of Fiel”, said José Colagrossi Neto, communication and marketing superintendent at the club, who insisted on quoting Duilio’s brother during the announcements.

“We have a lot to celebrate, to celebrate. I ask for a little freedom to confide in. Much of what marketing did was supported by the general secretary, by Adriano (Monteiro Alves). I want to thank you, because everything has his DNA , either he supported, or he led, and I want to file that for justice.”

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In this way, Timão now has all the spaces in his uniform filled by sponsors on the men’s soccer team. Between fixed and variable values, the Alvinegra board believes that it will be able to collect revenue between R$ 100 million and 120 million through businesses linked to the exposure of brands in the football team.

“Corinthians exists and is the biggest in the world because of Fiel. We need your support, we have been working to transform the club, there is a lot to do, but with your help it will be easier and more pleasurable” , concluded Duilio.

See who the current sponsors of the Corinthians uniform are:

Hypera Pharma / Neo Química (master) – by the end of 2025.
Midea (back) – by the end of 2021.
Ale (breast) – until September 2022.
Bitcoin Market (front bar) – until December 2022.
Poty drinks (back of shorts) – by the end of 2022.
Nike (supplier) – by the end of 2025.
Guys Bet (shoulder) – until May 2025.
BMG Bank (sleeves) – by the end of 2023.
Positive Technology (lower back bar) – runs until the end of 2021.
Everyone’s Card (front bar of the shorts) – until April 2022.

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