Corinthians Announces Sponsorship of Bitcoin Company and Agreements for Women and Basketball | corinthians

Corinthians announced this Wednesday the sponsorship of the company Mercado Bitcoin, one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in Latin America. The announcement was made during the anniversary live to celebrate the 111 years of the club’s history.

The company will occupy the lower front of the Corinthians shirt, only in the men’s professional team uniforms. According to the company’s website, there are more than R$ 2 million customers.

The sponsorship was announced by President Duilio Monteiro Alves and marketing superintendent José Colagrossi.

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Corinthians’ new sponsor — Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

The men’s professional team will once again count on the sponsorship of Ale, a fuel network, on the upper front of the shirt, between the supplier’s logo and the club’s logo.

Still in the wake of new recipes, the women’s team will start stamping the wholesaler Spani’s brand as its master sponsor, in the noble space of the shirt. At the lower rear, the space, at least until the end of the year, will belong to Atoveran Hot, one of Hypera Pharma’s brands.

New sponsor of the Corinthians women’s team — Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

As for basketball, the sponsorship on the shoulders of the shirts will be from Totvs, a software company. According to Colagrossi, the agreement is until 2026.

Duilio also announced that this Thursday, at 10 am, the first Corinthians fan token will be released. It is a kind of cryptoactive that allows the fan to invest to be entitled to participate in club decisions or have access to exclusive experiences related to the club.

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