Corinthians Board of Directors Announces Four New Sponsors

The long-awaited wait of Corinthians fans for the announcement of new sponsors has come to an end. Today (1) at night, on the 111th anniversary of the Parque São Jorge club, President Duilio Monteiro Alves and Alvinegro’s marketing, communication and innovation superintendent announced four new partner companies, one in men’s football, two in football female and one for basketball.

On the shirt of the main team, Mercado Bitcoin starts stamping the front bar of the uniform. The company offers a trading platform for cryptocurrencies and alternative assets in Latin America. The contract will be valid until the end of December 2022, and the values ​​offered to Corinthians were not disclosed.

“Each step we take towards Corinthians’ transformation is facilitated by partners who understand the moment of digital platforms and fans’ habits. Being alongside the Bitcoin Market, the largest active crypto platform in Latin America, gives us the certainty of that we are innovating and opening up new possibilities for marketing and engagement. The future of the club lies in this innovation,” stated president Duilio Monteiro Alves.

In addition to the Bitcoin Market, Corinthians will also have the presence of Ale, which will be stamped between the emblem of the Parque São Jorge club and the logo of Nike, Alvinegro’s sports material supplier. The contract, however, was announced earlier this week and will be valid for one year.

With that, the shirt of the main Corinthians team now has nine stamped sponsors. They are: Vitamins Neo Química, BMG Bank, Galera Bet, Guaraná Poty, Midea, Positivo, Cartão de Todos, Ale and Bitcoin Market.

women’s football

Current champion of Paulista and also of Brasileiro, the Corinthians women’s team won two new partner companies. Spani Atacadista becomes the master sponsor of the girls from Timão. The club did not disclose the duration of the contract, the terms and conditions of the agreement.

On the back of Corinthians’ shirt, Hypera SA — owner of Neo Química and main commercial partner of the Parque São Jorge club — bought the space and will print the Atroveran Hot brand, a thermal adhesive aimed exclusively at women’s use.


Finally, the board announced Totvs — a Brazilian technology company — as sponsor of Alvinegro’s basketball team. Corinthians also did not disclose the details of the contract.