Corinthians Bomb Live on the Internet; see the event summary

After a full day of festivities, Corinthians promoted “Live 111 Anos – A Fiel Vai Invadir” as the main attraction on the club’s anniversary.

The online event was on air for 4 hours and 14 minutes and had broadcasts, all live, through the Facebook Watch, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube.

The first positive response happened before everything started, when more than 30,000 people showed up waiting at the Youtube, where there was a peak of just over 150 thousand concurrent users.

On Twitter, the hashtag “AFielVaiInvadir” was among the most talked about topics in the world.

In fact, on the bird’s social network, one of the subjects that caused the most interaction and aroused curiosity was the number of superchats that people were sending during the broadcast. Among so many values, the report came to witness a transfer of R$ 600.00.

THE live featured three presenters: Milene Domingues, Ivan Moré and Alfinete. With them, there were also permanent guests Ronaldo Giovanelli (former goalkeeper), Tamires (female team player) and Gaules (streamer).

Between the main stage, set up on the lawn, facing the West Sector, and the improvised studio in the athletes’ pre-warming room, the presenters passed the ball from one to the other, following the agreed schedule, all well-rehearsed.

The musical attractions were: Turma do Pagode; MC Hariel; Rappin Hood; and Felipe Araújo.

Amidst the singing, president Duilio Monteiro Alves, accompanied by José Colagrossi Neto, the club’s marketing and communication superintendent, made important announcements regarding sponsors.

Roberto de Andrade, football director, took the stage when the subject was football. He was the one who gave Willian and Roger Guedes the shirts that Sylvinho’s reinforcements will wear from now on.

Apart from attractions and advertisements, time was occupied by Corinthians sponsors, and it was not a short time. Everyone who was watching was exposed to videos of commercial representatives of the companies, taken to the stage, merchandises made by the presenters, quiz created to raise the name of some brand and advertisement of devices.

Colagrossi, responsible for the area, vehemently asked for support from the fans, both in terms of engagement and prestige to partner companies and also in loyalty to the Fiel Torcedor Program, a football partner plan that suffered a strong impact during the pandemic. “Please help the club,” he said.

There was still a pause for Alfinete to jump off the zip line connecting the West and East sectors of Neo Química Arena, another way to reinforce one of the attractions created recently and which should gain prominence as soon as the public returns to the stadium.

There were few gaffes, and none of them made much of an impact. At one point, the audio didn’t come out as it should for whoever was watching the Youtube and it was possible to hear the presenters, who did not know they were being heard, but this lasted only a few seconds.

In another moment, Ivan Moré, when calling the club president on stage, shouted “Duilio Monteiro de Barros”, changing Duilio’s last name, which is Alves, without even noticing.

There was also confusion when shooting some videos, and a nudge by Ronaldo at Palmeiras, about the Club World Cup.

All circumvented by the support team and the presenters themselves, without major problems or commitment to the sequence.

Finally, a countdown from everyone on stage was pulled, followed by a “Vai, Corinthians”.

The fireworks ended the special night experienced at the Neo Química Arena by the Corinthians, in loco or remotely.

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