Corinthians brings together quartet that defended Brazil together at the base; see what happened to generation

the fan of Corinthians lives the expectation of seeing Willian soon again on the field with the alvinegra shirt. For three members of the current squad, in particular, the feeling of playing alongside the midfielder will repeat something experienced over 14 years ago, wearing green and yellow.

Cássio, Renato Augusto and Jô were together with Willian at the 2007 U-20 Worlds, held in Canada. The Brazilian team fell in the round of 16, against Spain by Gerard Piqué and Juan Mata, and Argentina, by Sergio Aguero and Ángel Di María, was champion.

Willian, the biggest reinforcement of Corinthians today, was not in that team. Coach Nelson Rodrigues only bet on the player among the starting 11, precisely in the elimination against Spain. The owner of shirt 10 was… Renato Augusto, then revelation of Flamengo.

Interestingly, the great hope of that Brazil also passed through Corinthians, but he didn’t miss the fans: Alexandre Pato, emerging in the International and about to transfer to the Milan. He was the national team’s top scorer in the tournament, with three goals.

At that point, Brazil already had three players who played in Europe: full-back Marcelo, already in the Real Madrid; Jô, who had left Corinthians, where he appeared, for CSKA Moscow; and Luiz Adriano, now also in Brazilian football, in the Real Madrid, then at Shakhtar Donetsk.

Another well-known name from that Brazil, who even played in the World Cup as a professional, was defender David Luiz, then a player for the Victory – currently without a club.

In goal, Cássio was a starter and had Muriel as reserves, now in the Fluminense and Alisson’s brother; and Felipe, champion in the saints from Neymar in 2010 and currently at Tombense.

Among the full-backs, Marcelo certainly had the greatest projection. The holder on the right was Eduardo Ratinho, then Willian’s partner at Corinthians, who retired from football at just 26 years old to become a businessman. His reserve was Amaral, at the time in Palmeiras – today, in Ferroviário, in Ceará. On the left, the bank had Carlão, formerlyCoritiba and already retired.



Meia was officially presented at Corinthians’ 111th birthday party this Wednesday

In defense, David Luiz was also the most successful, although he was not the first-team player in 2007. The pair against Spain was Luizão, who appeared in the cruise, passed by Vasco and cruise, and today is in Mirassol; and Edson Silva, who stood out at Figueirense, went through São Paulo and currently defends Grêmio Novorizontino, also in the interior of São Paulo. The other reserve was David Braz, with tickets for several clubs and now at Fluminense.

In midfield, Roberto was the starting midfielder. revealed by Athletic-PR, his career never took off. His last club was Santo André, in 2019. Ji-Paraná was another holder and captain of the team. He started at Corinthians, defended the International, but also did not explode. At 34, he no longer acts.

Also steering wheel, Marcone, revealed by Bahia, had the shirt 8 of that selection. With the shirt of the Tricolor Baiano, he lived the peak of his career, still young. Today, at 33, he is in Grapíuna, in the second division of Bahia.



Meia was officially presented at Corinthians’ 111th birthday party this Wednesday

Among the most offensive options, in addition to names like Willian, Renato Augusto, Pato, Luiz Adriano and Jô, that team had Carlos Eduardo, revealed by Guild, with passages through Flamengo, Atlético-MG and currently in Brasiliense.

Closing the group of 21 called Leandro Lima, then at São Caetano and author of two goals at the World Cup. After that tournament, he went to Porto and defended Cruzeiro in Brazil. At 35, he is without a club, having his last appearance on Paysandu, in 2019.