Corinthians makes a historic live with reinforcements, sponsorship announcements and even personalized music

Corinthians held a historic live this Wednesday to celebrate its 111 years of age. In just over four hours of duration, the club officially presented two reinforcements, Willian and Róger Guedes, confirming at least remarkable numbers of the duo, officially announced four new sponsors among all modalities and saw artists customize many songs for the club.

The live opened at the scheduled time, but it only had interaction with the audience about three minutes after 7:10 pm. That’s when the presenters Alfinete, Ivan Moré and Millene Domingues started the work. In just a few minutes, the broadcast passed the 100,000 viewers mark.

The trio interacted for a few minutes before calling the side Tamires for a chat, who shared a little of her experience so far in this return to the club, which has been going on for two years. “That’s why I wanted to come back,” explained the defender, a reference in women’s football.

The player remained in place for much of the event, exchanging head passes with Ivan Moré and modeling the launch of the women’s team’s master sponsorship, one of the big news from the board.

Millene and Moré alternated the leading role in the presentation, very excited about the occasion. They showed enough resourcefulness to interact with the guests, whether they were musicians, directors, players or former players.

At the end, they sang club songs with the guests and counted down to a great fireworks display in the surroundings of Neo Química Arena.

Ads and engagement

The hashtag “#AFielVaiInvadir” came to be in first place in the most talked about topics on Twitter, alternating in the first three positions. The “#Corinthians111anos” was the most used shot of the day.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves was then called in to start the series of announcements for the evening. Along with the club’s marketing superintendent, José Colagrossi Neto, he confirmed Mercado Bitcoin as the new sponsor of men’s football, as mentioned by Meu Timão, in addition to announcing master agreements for women and the upper bar for basketball.

There was also confirmation of the advertisements by Ale Combustíveis, which had already been released on Monday, and the launch of the Sócios fan token, which marks the whitewash in the cryptocurrency market.

Colagrossi briefly returned to the stage to celebrate the 120,000 people who watched the live at that time and announced a plan for delinquent members of Fiel Torcedor to resume payment of their tuition fees.


Pagode gang on stage at Neo Qu

Pagode gang on stage at Neo Química Arena


After a brief conversation, the band Turma do Pagode was asked to sing a series of songs, closing this first part of the show with the single “Camisa 10”, precisely one of the numbers that were missing in the numbering of the cast. This was the hit used to introduce Willian, with the adaptation “if I’m in Coringão shirt 10” instead of Barcelona, ​​as in the original.

MC Hariel too

MC Hariel also performed live


After the announcements and more conversations between the presenters, another musical attraction was called to the stage of the live: MC Hariel, an open Corinthians fan, who sang seven songs and even made a point of omitting the word green apple from the song “Green Apple”.

Felipe Ara

Felipe Araújo closed the concert night at the Arena


Felipe Araújo was the last attraction, when the event was already past 10 pm. He entered the stage, exchanged a few embaixadinhas with Ivan Moré and suffered with the first faux pas of the party: his microphone was muted for a minute during the performance of “Atrasadinha”. The problem was fixed and didn’t reoccur until the end of the show.

In the end, Felipe and Turma do Pagode made a pout-pourri to sing two songs while president Duilio Monteiro Alves presented the signings of Willian, new jersey 10, and Róger Guedes, new jersey 123. MC Hariel also closed with his “Manto do Timão” before everyone sings club songs – ending with the Anthem.

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