Court denies application for child support for Gugu’s daughters

The daughters of Gugu Liberato, Marina and Sofia, aged 17, had a request for alimony of US$ 20,000 (R$ 102,800) denied by the courts. Amidst the dispute over their inheritance, the twins were emancipated by their mother, physician Rose Miriam di Matteo, and were able to file a lawsuit on their own. They are being represented by attorney NelsonWillians.

Court denies application for child support for Gugu's daughters

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @sofi_liberatoCourt denies application for child support for Gugu’s daughters

Rose, mother of Gugu’s three children, is still searching for recognition of her stable union with the presenter. She came to ask for the same amount of pension, however, was refused. Marina and Sofia also sought permission for an audit of the inventory and stock of their aunt, Aparecida Liberato.

According to the publication of Folha de S. Paulo in early July, they are dissatisfied with the lack of information about the process and administration of the presenter’s assets, who died in a domestic accident in November 2019. The total inheritance is valued at R$1 billion.

Gugu owned gas stations, land, TV studios, commercial buildings and many other properties, in addition to an amount of R$193 million in the bank. The probate process is conducted by his sister, represented by lawyers Dilermando Cigagna Júnior and Carlos Regina.

Liberato family registry

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @sofi_liberatoLiberato family record

Gugu’s Daughter and Porsche’s Desire

Sofia Liberato became a joke on Twitter, last Wednesday, 25, after complaining about her aunt, Aparecida, for not having won the luxury car she wanted, a Porsche.

The joke hit the internet after columnist Leo Dias released a video of a testimony by Gugu’s twin daughters accusing their aunt of lying and hiding money.

“I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said she spoke to the prosecutor and she said I couldn’t have this car because it was too luxurious for a 17 year old. And I couldn’t have it either because it was too expensive. I found it very strange and looked for a cheaper car. In the end, I ended up buying a car at half the price of the one I wanted,” he said.