Covid-19: Brazil registers lowest moving average of cases in one day

The month of August ends with the day with the lowest moving average of covid-19 cases of the year. According to the Ministry of Health, the 25,700 cases registered yesterday (31) was the lowest moving average of cases in 2021. The folder points to vaccination as the main reason for the fall, which has been registered since June, when 74,79 thousand cases of the disease were notified.

“This represents a reduction of 65% in just over two months,” the ministry said, in a statement, clarifying that the moving average is a balance of the number of cases registered in the last 14 days. The survey also points out a drop in the moving average of deaths. Yesterday, Brazil registered 701 deaths, which represents the lowest rate since January 6, when an average of 696.71 deaths per covid-19 was registered.

Minister Marcelo Queiroga has reiterated his commitment to vaccinate, by the end of September, the entire population over 18 years of age, with at least the first dose. This amount is equivalent to 160 million people. The ministry accounts that, at the end of August, 80% of the adult population had already been vaccinated with the first dose. “Now, the goal is to complete the vaccination cycle for all adult Brazilians by the end of October”, according to a note from the folder, noting that, so far, 233.2 million vaccines have been distributed to all federative units.

In all, 130 million people have been vaccinated with the first dose, which corresponds to 81.2% of the population. The second dose (or the single dose) has already been applied to 61.4 million people, which corresponds to 38.3% of the population.