Covid’s CPI approves request for search and seizure of a motorcycle courier’s cell phone

Covid’s CPI approved today requests for breach of confidentiality and search and seizure of the cell phone of the motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves, service provider for the logistics company VTCLog, —which has contracts with the Ministry of Health and is being investigated for signs of corruption and others crimes.

If the search and seizure request is not approved by the courts while Ivanildo’s testimony is still in progress today in the Senate, he must be summoned to make the cell phone available to the committee’s secretariat within 24 hours.

Before that, senators Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-SE) and Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) made an appeal for Ivanildo to voluntarily hand over his cell phone and allow for expertise in messages and calls related only to VTCLog contacts. The cell phone would be returned to him later today, they said. Legally supported, Ivanildo refused.

The application that provides for the search and seizure was then approved.

“In view of Mr. Ivanildo’s denial and the high probability of having relevant data on his cell phone, such as WhatsApp conversations, geographic locations and phone calls, the search and seizure of the device will provide essential information to unveil the exact terms of VTCLog’s performance in the context mentioned above”, says an excerpt of the text.

breach of secrecy

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission also approved a request to break Ivanildo’s telephone, tax, banking and telematic confidentiality. The information to be delivered refers to the period from 2018 to date.

Ivanildo is not investigated by the CPI. However, with the measures, the senators believe that the contents of the cell phone and its breaches of confidentiality may help to clarify an alleged corruption scheme involving VTCLog and members of the Ministry of Health.

In testimony today to the CPI, Ivanildo said that he had withdrawn up to “R$ 400 and a few thousand”, without specifying exact amounts, from VTCLog’s bank accounts.

In the deponent’s version, his function was limited to paying slips and withdrawing cash from the cashier, under the guidance of the firm’s finance department. He denied having improperly delivered resources to third parties.

VTCLog is the logistics company hired by the Ministry of Health to handle the storage and distribution of medicines and vaccines in the country.

According to information obtained by the CPI and revealed by the rapporteur, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), the motorcycle courier made withdrawals that totaled more than R$ 3 million at the same bank branch (Caixa Econômica Federal, located at Brasília airport), only in the period between January and July this year.

Senators suspect that Ivanildo, a worker of humble origins and who earned a salary of less than R$2,000 to work as a motorcycle courier, may have been used in a criminal scheme (there are signs of money laundering, corruption and other crimes).

During the deposition, Ivanildo told the CPI that withdrawals were made at the cashier’s mouth, as well as payment of slips and invoices — including accounts in the name of individuals (he cited the owners of VTCLog as an example). On the other hand, the motoboy denied having acted in favor of Roberto Dias, former head of the Ministry of Health’s logistics department and investigated for alleged irregular connection with VTCLog.

Ivanildo also said that he does not know Dias and that he has never been with him. Asked if he had made deliveries at the ministry’s headquarters, the deponent confirmed that he had been there several times and that, at one point, he went to the fourth floor to deliver a pendrive.

Subsequently, the commission found that the fourth floor is precisely where the logistics department is located, that is, Dias’ former workplace.

The parliamentarians also asked what would have been the destination of the proceeds from the withdrawals. Ivanildo replied that he delivered all the money, in addition to the leftovers referring to payments made directly at the cashier’s mouth, to an employee identified as Zenaide. He would work in VTCLog’s finance department, he said.

Inquiry to Coaf

The CPI also approved a request to question the Coaf (Council for the Control of Financial Activities) whether VTCLog’s operations from 2018 onwards were duly communicated to the body. This is because the CPI has already received a financial intelligence report from Coaf indicating that VTCLog “moved, suspiciously, R$ 117 million in just the last two years”, says the author of the application, Alessandro Vieira.

Ivanildo should have been heard at yesterday’s hearing, but opted to be absent after obtaining a favorable decision from the STF (Supreme Federal Court). Minister Kassio Nunes Marques’ preliminary injunction had released his attendance. From yesterday to today, the motoboy’s defense changed its strategy and he decided to attend the collegiate of his own free will.