Cow trapped in tree after hurricane Ida mobilizes help

A cow was trapped in a tree after Hurricane Ida passed through the state of Louisiana (USA), which brought winds of up to 240 km/h to the country. The video of the unusual rescue operation gained attention on social networks, where the effort of the team from the city of Florissant, which met in a still flooded area and used saws to save the animal, was recorded.

The relief team was led by members of the parish of St. Bernard, who shared the images on social networks, where they already have 75,000 views.

The powerful hurricane Ida hit Louisiana on Monday (30) and left New Orleans in the dark, with the balance of at least one person dead. The record takes place 16 years after the devastating passage of Hurricane Katrina through the city, the largest in the state.

The hurricane

For the local government, Ida is the second biggest hurricane to hit the state since Katrina. He got behind the Louisiana like a category 4 hurricane, with winds up to 240km/h, but a few hours later it was downgraded to category 1. The power outage caused by the storm affected more than a million inhabitants, according to the site PowerOutage.US. About 70 thousand people also suffered from the lack of light in the state of Mississippi – where the hurricane headed later.

At 11:00 pm on Sunday (29) (1:00 am on Monday, Brasília time), 0 Ida was advancing with winds of 153 km/h, less violent than when it touched the ground a few hours earlier, 60 km south of New Orleans.

indirect death

An indirect victim of Hurricane Ida, a 71-year-old man, died in the state on Monday in the city of Slidell, after being attacked by an alligator in his house’s shed, which was flooded due to the effects of the storm.

Timothy Satterlee went downstairs to check on the flooded shed’s situation and didn’t notice that there was an alligator hiding there.

His 60-year-old wife was startled by a noise and went downstairs. When faced with the incident, her husband was already without his arm, screaming in pain and asking for help, according to Lance Vitter, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

The woman tried to make calls for help, but the region was without a signal due to Ida. When the woman returned to the shed, Satterlee was already unconscious. She tried to stop the blood with a piece of cloth, but the man didn’t survive.

*With information from AFP and ANSA