Craque Neto loses his mind and burns down Luciano Huck after an attitude on Globo: “You would not be successful”

Luciano Huck
Craque Neto descends on Luciano Huck after his attitude at Globo (Image: Reproduction – Instagram – Band / Editing – RD1)

Luciano Huck fell victim to the sharp tongue of grandson while editing the The Cake Owners of the last wednesday (1).

Known for speaking his mind, the former player put the firewood down on the presenter and stated that he lacked gratitude when he said goodbye to the cauldron.

For Neto, Angélica’s husband, in his goodbye speech on Saturdays at Globe, should have mentioned that his success as a communicator began in Band, place where he worked in partnership with Joana Prado and Suzana Alves.

“Oh, Luciano Huck, let me tell you something: don’t you thank Band? The Band was so important to you, you have no idea. At H. There, you said about Joana Prado and Suzana Alves. You had to have, at the very least, the gratitude to speak their names”, shot.

“If it weren’t for both, you wouldn’t have the success you’ve had here at Band. Did you understand? I don’t want to say the name [fictício] from them. I want to speak their names as people”, he then stressed.

Neto’s revolt, by the way, was due to the fact that Huck said in an article shown in Fantástico that the characters Tiazinha and Feiticeira would no longer fit in current times.

“There were things that were acceptable 20 years ago that aren’t anymore. It wouldn’t fit these days, no way. It fit in that context”, he said at the time, referring to structural machismo.

“We were very young, there was a certain naivete about it too. The way my generation was raised, there are pillars that no longer hold, thank God”, completed.

Luciano, for those who don’t know, left the Saturdays of the Rio station to debut on Sundays. The first Sunday with Huck airs next Sunday, September 5, after Brazil and Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers.

The attraction will feature classic paintings such as Lata Velha and Visitando o Past. In addition, the Faustão Show, which was by Faustão, will gain a new face with Huck, due to the new members of the jury and an unprecedented team of talents, whose mission is to imitate some chosen singers.

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