CRB wins Confiança and takes the vice-leadership of Series B: 2 to 1

The defense sequence was even more perfect for the proletarian fans. João Paulo took the measure to Tiago Reis, who had a few seconds on the field, and reduced the score with 18 minutes. However, the emotions did not stop there. Brandão scored the third goal on the ball, but it was disallowed. The Dragon almost tied, at 21, with a long-distance bomb from the steering wheel Madison, and the Regatian archer freed the tie.

The exchange of attacks, largely due to the situation on the table, was evident in the final stage. Allan Aal did not give up playing on the counterattack, despite the pressure from Sergipe. Luizinho Lopes bet on offensive players. João Paulo, left-back, tried a striker at 34, but headed down the back line. Wesley and Emerson Negueba responded with two cross kicks, however, Michael redeemed himself and palmed both times.

The chances of killing the game were showing up for Rooster after Confidence launched into the attack. Alisson Farias entered the role of Jajá, but at the time of submission, he sent him away from the goal, in the 40th minute. Leo Simão Holanda indicated another six minutes of injury time, the only time left for Dragão to seek a draw. However, in the end, the only chance came from a badly done submission by João Paulo, finally decreeing the Regatian victory.


Confidence – Michael; Jonathan Bocão (Rafael Vila), Nirley, Nery Bareiro and João Paulo; Madison, Jhemerson and Álvaro (Italo); Luidy (Lucas Sampaio), Willians Santana (Tiago Reis) and Hernane Brocador (Robinho). Technician: Luizinho Lopes

CRB – Diogo Silva; Reginaldo, Gum (Frazan), Caetano and Guilherme Romão; Marthã (Claudinei), Wesley and Diego Torres (Renan Bressan); Pablo Dyego, Jajá (Alisson Farias) and Júnior Brandão (Emerson Negueba). Technician: Allan Aal

yellow cards – Nery Bareiro (Confidence); Hernane Brocador (Trust); Martha (CRB); Serginho (Trust); Jhemerson (Trust)

Referee – Leo Simão Netherlands (CBF-CE)

assistants – Cleberson do Nascimento Leite (CBF-CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CBF-CE)

VAR – Rafael Traci (FIFA)

VAR assistant – Anderson da Silveira Farias (CBF-RS)