Cruzeiro does not pay for construction cement and is taken to court

With Thiago Braga, collaboration for UOL

The financial crisis is so great at Cruzeiro that the club did not pay for the concreting service on a project in Toca da Raposa. The default brought the celestial team to justice.

Cruzeiro was filed in the Minas Gerais Judiciary in August, with an order from Judge Henrique Mendonça Schvartzman, who orders the club to pay the debt in 3 days so as not to suffer lien on property.

The collection is from Supermix Concreto, which presented invoices and protests for the services performed to the Belo Horizonte club at the end of 2019.

Approximately 96m³ of dosed concrete were sent to Toca da Raposa, which is when chemical products are added to the cement during the preparation of the concrete.

In total, the debt currently stands at around R$36,700, which will also have the addition of new interest and monetary correction, plus procedural costs and legal fees.

Yesterday (1), the club had already been cited to pay in 15 days the payment of R$ 330 million for a lawsuit filed by Grupo DIS and GT Sports for the hiring of defender Dedé, in 2013.

It’s not just that: Cruzeiro has been suffering with the excess of judicial collections and salary delays. Altogether, the debts of the celestial team are around R$ 900 million, with less and less revenue, since the team is in Serie B. Today, it occupies only the 14th place in the second division.

The club was approached for comment on the Supermix lawsuit, but did not respond.