Cruzeiro is condemned to pay what it bills today in almost 3 years

O cruise acquired, this Wednesday (01), another problem that affects the financial crisis of the club. Raposa was ordered to pay R$330 million to a group of businessmen for the Dedé case. The value is almost three times greater than the club’s revenue, which was around R$ 123 million in 2020.

From 2019 to 2020, Cruzeiro’s gross collection fell 57%. In the year before last, the club had R$ 289 million in revenue. The permanence in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, in addition to the accumulated debts, made the value drop even more and harmed Fox.

The decision on the conviction was taken by Judge Lílian Bastos de Paula, of the 22nd Civil Court of the District of Belo Horizonte. Payment must be made within 15 days and can be made in installments, in up to six installments, with the addition of interest and monetary correction.

The collection of businessmen is around R$ 330 million and refers to the indemnity clause of the defender’s contract, which was terminated after an agreement at the Regional Labor Court of Minas Gerais.

Cruzeiro spoke about what happened. According to the club, monitory embargoes will be made in reasonable defense so that payment does not happen at this time.

“Cruzeiro will await your citation in the case, which is part of a natural flow in this type of process. In the case of a monitoring action, the Club will subsequently present the appropriate defense, which are the monitoring embargoes. Under no circumstances will there be payment of the value at the moment,” said the club from Minas Gerais.

At the Minas Gerais club, Dedé played in 188 games, scored 15 goals and won seven titles: bi-champion of the Brazilian Championship (2013 and 2014), bi-champion of the Copa do Brasil (2017 and 2018), in addition to three Mineiros.