Daughters of Gugu Liberato ask for money for their aunt and take it reversed: ‘Wake up!’

Daughters of Gugu Liberato (1959-2019), Marina and Sofia Liberato took an invert from their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, after sending an e-mail asking for more money for the expenses they are having in the United States. “Wake up!” warned the presenter’s sister.

The messages were exhibited during Record’s General Balance Sheet this Tuesday (31). They show that the two heirs of the communicator are not at all satisfied with their current lifestyle.

“We had expenses for some trips we’ve already taken to visit colleges. So you’ll need to deposit another $10,000 for me [Marina] and another $10,000 for Sofia this month. We borrow money for travel and expenses and we need to pay it,” says an excerpt of the document.

Elsewhere, Marina informs her aunt that she and her sister need money to be able to pay the person responsible for cleaning the house where they live. “The amount we are receiving doesn’t amount to almost anything here in the United States. Another thing: Fernanda left and is no longer working here at home. Now we have another employee who needs to be paid in Fernanda’s place.”

Throughout the text, Gugu’s daughters also ask their aunt to send more money so they can hire a health plan. The Balance Sheet also showed Aparecida Liberato’s response to the two girls.

“All of your creation and development costs are being covered, as your father used to do. Also, be calm about the future college. The allowance of US$1,000 for each one, right now, is more than enough for the day. day,” she replies.

In the document, Aparecida questions how it is possible for the two to borrow money and asks to be informed about the collector’s name. “You don’t need to ask anyone for money. Even though I don’t know anyone in your relationship who can afford to give $10,000 each. That’s a lot of money. You shouldn’t spend it unnecessarily.”

“I’m sad because you are being deceived. I believe that this phase will pass and you will mature. I just think about where the education you received from your father ended up. Wake up! Count on me always”, concludes Aparecida.