Diego Torres returns to the starting line-up for the CRB, reaches the eighth assist in the year and loses an incredible goal in the victory over Confiança; watch | crb

Midfielder Diego Torres returned to the starting lineup of CRB with propriety. At Arena Batistão, the Argentine showed his work this Wednesday night.

The shirt 10 starred in two special moves in the CRB’s 2-1 victory over Confiança, in Aracaju. He reached the eighth assist in the year, with a pass to the goal by Junior Brandão striker, but lacked his goal to crown the performance.

The chance even came in the 11th minute of the second half, when the Argentinian left goalkeeper Michael on the ground, but he went too far and ended up losing an incredible chance (see the video below).

Diego Torres didn’t believe in the lost goal — Photo: Reproduction/SporTV

Diego Torres is the main CRB name of the season. In addition to the team’s top scorer in the year, with 11 goals, he is also the top scorer in Serie B, with seven. As a bonus, he is the team’s waiter in 2021, with eight assists.

With the victory in Aracaju, Galo took the lead in Serie B, with 40 points, but could still be overtaken in the 22nd round by Coritiba and Goiás. , against Goiás.

At 11 min of the 2nd half, Diego Torres of CRB's wrong submission against Confiança

At 11 min of the 2nd half, Diego Torres of CRB’s wrong submission against Confiança