Director of So Paulo defends Fernando Diniz after Tch Tch’s outburst

(Photo: Rubens Chiri/

So Paulo’s football director, Carlos Belmonte, came to Fernando Diniz’s defense after Tch Tch’s outburst last Tuesday. After the player opened the game about the discussion with the coach during the period he was at Tricolor, the top hat, who at that time was starting the work of the new management, made sure to expose the side of Diniz in the story.
“He [Fernando Diniz] wrong, in fact, but doing more than he did is impossible. He portrayed himself in front of the cast and in person with Tch Tch. He was wrong and acknowledged the error before everyone. Whether Tch Tch excused him or not is now a personal matter for Tch Tch. I think he should have apologized, because Diniz always defended Tch Tch in several situations. But, anyway, this is his decision,” Belmonte said in an interview ESPN.
“By the way, I’m going beyond. If you didn’t, it should have been clear to Diniz at the time that I wasn’t excusing him. That didn’t happen. I just want to defend Diniz in this case, because Diniz did what had to be done.” completed the So-Pauline leader.

The match between Red Bull Bragantino and So Paulo, in which the famous discussion took place, was the first of the new management in Tricolor. Julio Casares had just won the presidential election, and Carlos Belmonte was taking his first steps as soccer director, still sharing the functions with Ra, who remained until the end of the 2020 season.

“We talked to Diniz, who was our employee, who had not agreed with the way he had put himself in front of Tch. Tch and the other athletes. In other words, the thing was dealt with by whoever asked the question and who was affected by the issue, in addition to the other athletes. In my point of view, they had to solve it in this format”, concluded Belmonte.