Doctor cancels certificate and Marconny Faria must testify tomorrow at Covid’s CPI

posted on 09/01/2021 20:06 / updated on 09/01/2021 20:10

  (credit: Jefferson Rudy/Senate Agency)

(credit: Jefferson Rudy/Senate Agency)

Attorney Marconny Faria, accused of being a lobbyist for Need Medicines, will testify this Thursday at the Covid-19 Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI). Through social networks, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede/AP) informed that the doctor responsible for the certificate justifying Marconny’s absence from the CPI interrogation, went back and canceled the document.

“The doctor who granted Mr. Marconny Faria’s certificate got in touch with us and said that he was the one who granted the certificate, but that he noticed a simulation by the patient and that he wants to cancel it. With that, tomorrow we will receive Mr. Marconny at Covid’s CPI”, said Randolfe. Also according to the senator, the doctor undertook to send explanations to the Commission.

The senators had already raised suspicions about the state of health, both of Marconny and of the lawyer Marcos Tolentino, appointed as a hidden partner of FIB Bank, the company guarantor in the purchase of Covaxin. “It’s a setup. They’re afraid to come to the CPI,” said Covid’s CPI president, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM).