During Richard Branson’s trip, a Virgin Galactic rocket flew outside the authorized zone – Época Negócios

Virgin Galactic rocket plane in test flight (Photo: Virgin Galactic/Getty Images)

Virgin Galactic rocket plane in test flight (Photo: Virgin Galactic/Getty Images)

the billionaire Richard Branson boarded the rocket plane of Virgin Galactic on July 11 to space. At the time, the flight appeared to have been a success, so much so that Branson celebrated the feat. However, The New Yorker was keen to point out that not everything is what it appears to be.

According to information disclosed in the publication, the spacecraft failed to reach space as initially planned, and had to deviate from its flight path. With that, the rocket traveled a stretch outside that was outside the release zone for one minute and 41 seconds.

A warning light would have turned on in the compartment to alert pilots that the trajectory was incorrect, and experts consulted by The New Yorker said the correct decision would have been to abort the mission.

The information was also confirmed by a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, represented by the acronym FAA in English, to Business Insider. In the note, he highlighted that the entity opened an investigation to find out what had happened.

Virgin Galactic released a note in which it claims that the text published by The New Yorker is “misleading” and says that the change in route was caused by the winds. In addition, the company highlighted that the safety of crew and passengers has always been at the top of the priority list.

“Our pilots responded appropriately to these flight changes, exactly as they were trained and in accordance with our procedures,” the text said.

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