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After months of anticipation, eFootball 2022 has gained a release date. The free title that replaces Konami’s PES franchise will be officially released on September 30 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. In addition to disclosing for the first time when the game comes out to the public, the developer also revealed that the simulator will initially come with only nine teams, including Flamengo, Corinthians and São Paulo, as Brazilian representatives.

Just a proof of what’s to come

— Konami on eFootball 2022 on September 30

+ eFootball releases new trailer with gameplay details; Look

Rashford prepares eFootball submission — Photo: Publicity

According to Konami’s official statement, eFootbal is not yet complete. The game, which follows the format of “service” like LoL, Valorant and Destiny, will be free and will have constant updates to evolve the content and apply improvements and fixes. The mobile version is promised by the end of this year, as well as a major update that will come to the game on consoles and PC.

At launch on September 30, eFootball 2022 will have two gameplay options. An offline one, in which the player can face the AI ​​(famous machine) or a friend in person. As well as an online mode with crossplay rights between platforms of the same brand, ie PS5 x PS4 or Xbox Series x Xbox One. There will be weekly events using pre-defined teams with GP as a reward.

In addition to the Brazilians Flamengo, Corinthians and São Paulo, it will be possible to play offline with Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal and River Plate. The stadiums Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Juventus Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena and eFootball Stadium will be available.

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Barcelona comes out with the ball in eFootball — Photo: Publicity

The first big update

Interconnected with the Creative Teams, the Creative League will also come into play, which will be an online tournament with a system of divisions. The player can move up according to the performance in the 10 matches in question.

Towards the end of the year, with no date set yet, Konami will make available a major update for eFootball 2022. The main novelty will be Creative Teams (or Creative Teams, in free translation). The new online mode resembles MyClub and even the Ultimate Team, from rival FIFA, which allows you to hire coach, players and define the best formation for the team. The developer claims that the game will have at its disposal more than 600 licensed clubs with shields, uniforms and some stadiums.

The update will also bring two big events: one to face the AI ​​for points (Tour Event) and another online competition that will have objectives and rewards. You will also have the option of playing an online friendly with a friend or with a random opponent.

Without specifically informing the mode, Konami informs that new types of players will come to the game. All can be purchased using three main currencies: eFootball Coins, a premium currency that must be purchased with real money, and GP and eFootball Points, which are distributed during gameplay.

See eFootball’s new player types:

  • Standard: players with normal overall based on current season. Can only be purchased with eFootball Coins or GP.
  • Trending: players who stand out a lot in a specific match or week. They can only be purchased with a specific type of contract called Nominating Contracts.
  • Featured: handpicked players that can be purchased with eFootball Coins or eFootball Points.
  • Legendary: players based on unforgettable seasons. These can only be purchased with eFootball Coins or eFootball Points.

According to Konami, after a few matches, players will receive items such as the “naming contract”, which will allow users to hire specific players of their choice, as well as eFootball Coins and more.

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Players in the Old Trafford tunnel in eFootball — Photo: Publicity

For current PES 2021 mobile users, eFootball 2022 will arrive as an update to the existing app, of course, with new mechanics and features. According to Konami, the development team has made this decision so that current mobile device users will be able to carry many in-game items once the new title officially launches on mobile later this year.

The developer also promises to bring in the future the option of connecting controls to mobile phones and other iOS and Android devices for players to use.

No date set yet, eFootball 2022 is expected to receive more updates that will bring the game to an editor mode to customize teams, shields, uniforms and more, haptic feedback support for PS5 adaptive triggers, advanced ball capture, new kick types and full crossplay across all platforms (consoles, PC and mobile).

eFootball releases new trailer with gameplay details;  Look

eFootball releases new trailer with gameplay details; Look